2014 Canadian 5ifth Scale Nationals
Jul 18 '14 - Jul 20 '14 
Walton Raceway - Walton
RC Racing


2014 Canadian 5ifth Scale Nationals July 18-20 in Walton, Ontario

We've been busy, and I'm excited to give you this update on the Canadian 5ifth Scale Nationals @ Walton Raceway before it has hit the interwebs.  

July 18-20 the 2014 Canadian 5ifth Scale Nationals will be held at its new venue, Walton Raceway, inside the Motocross Capital of Canada, Walton, Ontario. 

We're stoked to take this to epic land... so if you have anyone in mind that races 1/5 Scale or is talented enough to grab a stock kit and get it race ready in 20 days... or someone talented enough to go stock/RTR... forward them this email... tweet them... heck, print it off and fax them... there must be more dudes like you that like to rawk RC, right?

Walton has a massive 1/5 Scale Layout (that's fast), plus...: exceptional camping facilities (Hydro and Water hook-ups available), showers on-site, food booth, vendors, lots of tuning areas, no sound restrictions, and much more.  Get registered for this deal today: (pre-payment not required, but pre-registration is required to confirm your spot and to SHOW YOUR SUPPORT to the TEAM that's running hard to make this happen.)

Here are your updates:


Here's our approximate Schedule for the 2014 Canadian 5ifth Scale Nationals:

10:00 AM Registration Opens and Open Practice (equal drive to marshalling time will be enforced)
6:00 PM Track Closed, Registration Closed

8:00 AM Registration Open
8:30 AM Open Practice
9:30 AM Registration Closes, Track Closed
9:45 AM Drivers Meeting
10:00 AM Controlled Practice
12:00 PM Qualifier Round #1
2:30 PM Qualifer Round #2
6:00 PM Dinner (Pig Roast)
7:00 PM Party

8:30 AM Open Practice
10:00 AM Mains/Motos Start
10:00 AM C - Mains (Single Run, 2 Bumps, if applicable)
10:30 AM BB Mains (Moto Format, 2 Bumps if Applicable)
12:00 PM AA Mains (Moto #1 and Moto #2)
4:30 PM Podium *** APPROXIMATE ***

All Times after 10:00am each day are approximate, and based on entries.
Want to win the biggest 1/5 Scale Off-Road Event ever in Eastern Canada?  Just like the lottery... you have to participate for your chance at greatness... pre-register here:


Here's our approximate Formats for Racing at the 2014 Canadian 5ifth Scale Nationals:
Open Practice, but equal drive to marshalling time will be enforced.

QUALIFIERS (Saturday):
***Saturday will start with an open practice followed by a controlled practice before qualifiers*** 
All Classes - 2 x 10 Minute Qualifiers. At this point, Rocket Round (your best qualifier time, i.e. 18 / 10:12:133) will be used to seed for Mains.

MAINS (Sunday):
2WD Buggy Amateur - (AA 15 Minutes), (BB 10 Minutes), (C 10 Minutes)
2WD Buggy Pro - (AA 18 Minutes), (BB 13 Minutes), (C 10 Minutes)
4WD Truck Amateur - (AA 15 Minutes), (BB 10 Minutes), (C 10 Minutes)
2WD Truck - (AA 15 Minutes), (BB 10 Minutes), (C 10 Minutes)
4WD Truck Pro - (AA 18 Minutes), (BB 13 Minutes), (C 10 Minutes)
DBXL/4x4 Buggy - (AA 15 Minutes), (BB 10 Minutes), (C 10 Minutes)

If we run a C, it's 1-run with 1-2 Bumps.
The B's run twice, moto format, top 1-2 Bump into the AA.
The A's run twice, moto format.
Tiebreaker is motocross (2nd Moto Placing).

**** based on entries
**** durations may change
Be a part of this exciting format... pre-register:


Onsite Food Vendors

Our International Menu will include: 

  • Cold Drinks/Hotdogs/Sausages/Hamburgers Friday/Saturday/Sunday during the day
  • Breakfast-type Sandwiches/Coffee Saturday/Sunday Morning 
  • Pig Roast Saturday Night 

.... served by the smiling faces of The Clinton Cookhouse Team (RC Acres' Amanda Clinton's parents... veterans at serving hungry rc racers)
Don't forget to tip your servers! (gratuities not necessary, but thanks are always welcomed)


That's like reason enough for me to like get a 5T and rock it... head-to-head for a pigroast ticket, or something... you in

Official Hotel/Motel

OFFICIAL HOTEL/MOTEL OF the 2014 Canadian 5ifth Scale Nationals:
The Blyth Inn, 422 Queen Street, Blyth, Ontario N0M 1H0
Less than 15 minutes from Walton Raceway
Discounted Rate for Participants of the CDN 5th Scale Nationals:
- Room w/1 Queen Bed - $69.99
- Room w/2 Queen Beds - $99.99
- Room w/2 Queen Beds & Pullout Couch - $109.99
- Room w/1 Queen Bed & Jacuzzi - $119.99
Mention "RC Walton / Scully" for Discount
Must Book before July 4th for these savings.

This is not only the nicest place in the area, it is also the closest!
Thanks to the Blyth Inn for being our hosts and home away from home.
(and while you're booking your room... be sure to pre-register for racing:

Track Modifications

  • Elevated-Elevated Drivers Stand... from Steve Emery: "we ARE building a new drivers stand above the current one. We are hoping for a great turn out at the Canadian 5th scale nationals.This is a great track at a great facility and it is getting even better. With the drivers stand at double the height it is now, the track options are limitless"
  • The Bump in front of the Pizza Jump ... kind of obstructed view... will be changed
  • who knows what else... all we know is it's going to be awesome

How about a lil' pre-registering action:


On behalf of all of the contributors and team members... we look forward to making history with you.

The 2014 Canadian 5ifth Scale Nationals
When July 18-20, 2014
Where: Walton Raceway, 42932 Walton Road, Walton, Ontario N0K 1Z0
Classes: Pro 4WD Truck, Amateur 2WD Truck, Pro 2WD Buggy, Amateur 2WD Buggy, 2WD Short-Course Truck, 4WD Buggy
Race Fees $60 First Class, $30 Second Class, $30 Third Class, 4th Class FREE; Camping $20 All Weekend (Thursday July 17 - Sunday July 20)
Events: Main Racing and More!
Entertainment: Tons to be had and announced shortly... a big dinner and party on tap for Saturday Night!

More info:



2014 Ontario Fifth Scale Off-Road Championship Series Schedule

  • May 11 - Non-Points race #1 @ RC Acres - OUTDOOR TRACK - Results
  • May 25 - Points race #1 @RC Acres - OUTDOOR TRACK - Results
  • June 1 - Points race #2 @RC Acres - OUTDOOR TRACK - Results
  • June 15 - Points race #3 @ Walton Raceway - OUTDOOR TRACK - Results
  • July 6 - Non-points race #2 @ RC Acres - Results
  • July 18-20 - Canadian 5ifth Scale Nationals @ Walton Raceway - OUTDOOR TRACK
  • August 10 - Points race #4 @ RC Acres - OUTDOOR TRACK
  • August 24 - Points race #5 @ RC Acres - OUTDOOR TRACK
  • September 7 - Points race #6 @ RC Acres - OUTDOOR TRACK
  • September 21 - Points race #7 @ RC Acres - OUTDOOR TRACK
  • 7 Points races - 1 Drop
  • 2 Non-Points Races
  • 1 National Championship Race

twitterOfficial Twitter Hashtag: #RCwalton

Event Director: Joe Scully, ProRodeo


Walton Raceway   -   Website
42852 Walton Road
Country: ca


Forty plus years of motocross racing! As tracks come and go, the track and tradition of Walton Motocross is one of the oldest in Canada.

The land of the Walton motocross track was originally part of the acreage farmed by the Lee family. An early interest in motorcycles evolved into an interest in off-road riding. This led to the track becoming a local centre of activity for many casual riders and aspiring competitors.A club was formed called the Maitland Dirt Riders which organized its first event in August 1974. This was for Juniors and Schoolboys only (today beginners, juniors, 80 beginners & 80 Experts). Over 300 riders showed up and was so successful that another event was held in October. The sight of riders sliding down frozen clay slopes dictated earlier race dates in following years.

The Maitland Dirt Riders hosted a two day event every year with Juniors and schoolboys one day and seniors and experts the next. From 1976-1979 Molson Breweries sponsored a provincial championship series for experts and Walton was the favorite site of both fans and racers. Racers competing in the Molson series came from Sweden, Japan, England, Czechoslovakia, Finland, and of course across Canada and the USA. Qualifying heats for expert classes , 3,000-4,000 spectators were not unusual.

In 1981 the Ontario round of the Canadian National Series at Walton saw Ross Pederson begin his dominance which extended until his retirement after his sweep at the 1993 TransCan.

The track sat dormant until a new Lee generation were getting involved in the sport, so a two day event was organized in 1991.

While reflecting about the success of the 1991 event, we noted that there was a lack of a really major, prestigious event (such as Loretta Lynn Amateur Nationals in the USA). Thus a concept was born. Walton would hold an annual event drawing on all the best things in the sport, an annual coming together for bragging rights, a celebration of Canadian motocross!

We developed a five year plan, building from a great natural track ridden on once a year, strong community support, accessability and support facilities. The emphasis was to be real outdoor style motocross, highly competitive with lots of extracurricular attractions and opportunity to socialize. The format was to be a four day schedule with open practice and four long motos per class.

1992 – It’s expensive, risky and a lot of work! Would sponsors participate? Would riders come? Could we get everything done? What did we forget? Craig Pratly and Ryan Hunt head up a contingent from England to show how to ride outdoor motocross. Is it over already? EVERYBODY LOVED IT!! Are we broke? Do we ever want to be this tired again?

1993 – Ross Pederson makes a farewell tour and spanks everyone one more time while he does it.

1994 – (the year of the beer bug) TSN gives the event a national profile with two half hour shows. A torrential downpour on Saturday provides a brief interlude for ‘belly racing’ on the finish line hill. The bridge goes up.

1995 – (the year of the fly)Carl Vaillancourt calls it quits after clinching the National pro title in titanic duel with Marty Burr while Marty sweeps all four motos.

1996 – 800 riders, full national coverage of the pro racing on TSN which includes Nicolas Wey’s pro debut, Jeff Matiasevich, Jean Sebastien Roy having his worst race of the year and Marco Dube proving he’s for real.

1997- Nick Wey returns winning the 125cc/250cc. Travis Pastrana won the fans and the Intermediate class.

1998- JSR showed up to win both 125cc and 250cc, but Dube would be crowned champion by days end. An unknown Canadian named Justin Thompson
wins the first Bronze Boot Award.

1999- Josh Woods made his Pro debut taking the 125cc/250cc wins.

2000- Sean Hamblin shocks his team Blackfoot Honda by showing up on a Two Wheel Kawasaki, when Honda opted not to bring him to the East/West Walton Shoot Out. Doug Dubach celebrated his birthday with a National Championship.

2001- Peter Raymer becomes the first rider to swept 9 motos straight. Rain of biblical proportions fall forcing CMRC officials to cancel 2nd motos. Darcy Lange in the 250cc and Simon Homans in the 125cc get soggy wins.

2002- Blair Morgan finally won a Walton overall, out dueling JSR. Trevor Hall dominated Junior to win the Bronze Boot. Gavin Gracyk won the Pro 125cc.

2003- The Extreme Sport Series rolls in. JSR rolls the competition with two wire to wire moto wins. Bronze Boot winner Tyler Medaglia shocked everyone by winning his Pro qualifier, beating series leader and eventual Champ Randy Valade. The Honda Pavilion unveiled-Big, Bad and Red!

2004- Justin Keeney arrived and put a clinic on in smooth riding winning the 125 Pro class. Donnie Mc Gourty clinched the 125 East National championship. JSR had wrapped up the championship the weekend prior but came to Walton to hold his title as King of Walton. Mitch Cooke had his break out ride and earned his first career 250cc Pro podium finish.  For the first time in Canadian Motocross history a full line of women lined up for the womens championship.

2005 Gavin Grayck wins his first ‘King of Walton’ sword. Heidi Cooke wins her last of 5 consecutive titles…a TransCan record.

2006 Nathan Slater wins Atlantic Canada’s first bronze boot. Dean Wilson wins his last Amateur National Championships at Walton.

2007 Jolene Van Vugt finally wins Walton. Tucker Hibbert wins the last East/West MX2 shootout.

2008 Dylan Kaelin and Ryan Millar wage war in intermediate.  Doug Dehaan wins their his TransCan Championship.

2009 Josh Woods, Marco Dube wage war in +25. Dube, ends up going down, while unhurt it does signal the last race of his long career at Walton. Dean Wilson wins his first moto as a Pro.  Jeremy Medaglia wins Walton MX2 overall.

2010 Richard Grey holeshoted the MX2 Pro class. Bobby Kinary wins his first Pro Canadian National.

2010 – Parts Canada comes on board as the Title Sponsors of the TransCan, A pre tailgate party is born to cope with over 450 vehicles lined up on the road in 2009 before opening day

2011 – A perfect week is ended late saturday as a huge weather system blows in. Sunday is pounded by what we would later  learn to be a deadly tornado that ruined the town of Goderich. The amateur week is highlighted by Swiss Champion Julien Bill in the +25 class.

2012 – A big facility change greets the very best riders in the country for the 2012 Walton TransCan. The week is highlighted by great racing in the schoolboy classes and emotional wins for east coast rider Ryan Lockhart. A first ever “Fan Party” has more than 1000 fans go through a giant autograph line up featuring all the Pro racers. It was also a home coming for London girl, Nitro Girl Jolene Van Vugt.

2013- The 2013 Parts Canada TransCan continued with records crowds and great racing to make the week one of the best ever. Everyone who attended will not forget the great racing from riders like Dylan Wright, Joey Crown and local boy Nathan Bles. On Sunday fans got to witness one of the best riders in the world and the 2013 MX1 Champion Brett Metcalfe have his win streak ended by another local boy Cole Thompson. Cole is a former Walton TransCan Champion so for fans to see him hoist up the Walton Sword as the “King of Walton” was very special.

2014 - 1/5 Scale Off-Road RC Track created on site to host events as part of the Ontario Fifth Scale Off Road Championship Series and to host the 2014 Canadian 5ive Scale Nationals