How was your April Fools Day?
Tuesday, 02 April 2013 00:13

Facebook Social Media Joke - It's my April Fools Birthday! Facebook Social Media Joke - It's my April Fools Birthday!

Ultrasound pics of twins, engagement ring photos, texts turning into Rick Roll'd, and more, the day of International prank-pulling was filled with jokes, gags and more in Fun.  I think Eastern Canada got the biggest gag by Mother Nature... Snow Squall Warnings and tons of blowing snow filled the day as the grass was covered with about an inch of snow, 12 days into Spring.

I had fun on Facebook for April Fool's Day.  Late on April Fool's Day Eve I switched my Birthday to April 1st.  Around 10pm, shortly after the switch, people started wishing me an early birthday... I played along well into the wee hours liking and commenting the posts.

By noon, over 180 people had wished me a Happy Birthday.  Kinda known for my sense of humour, some said, "No surprise your birthday is on April Fools' Day!".  One former colleague whom we had shared a joint birthday liquid lunch 7 years ago had forgotten that day.  Someone who has bought me tons of Birthday Beer at the Port Perry Bull Riding (my usual Birthday) wrote congratulations.  It carried over to twitter, text message and email.

There were a few that posted and messaged, "isn't your bday in September?"...

I received a random text message around noon, "Happy Birthday, I just heard it on the Radio!"   Turns out that a good friend Donna Henry from Country 93 in Owen Sound saw my bday greetings on Facebook and carried it over on-air.

The joke kept going as after lunch I tried to change it back to my real birthday, and Facebook won't allow it... now that's funny!  I'm stuck with it for a few days, haha.

After lunch I posted: "A great thank you to all of those that wished me a Happy Birthday today via facebook, text, email... and even on the Radio! It was awesome. Let’s do it again in September... on my real birthday. HAPPY APRIL FOOL’S DAY! (it’s the joke that keeps on giving, facebook won’t let me change it back)"

The congratulations continued to roll in until 11:55pm.  The great thing about this joke, there were a ton of people that cared to write AND a bunch of people that knew I was joshin' and called me out on it publicly and privately.  All in all, a great harmless social media prank with warm-fuzzy feelings all around.

Next up... I think my anniversary.... 

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