Fate Brought Us To Norwich This Week
Wednesday, 27 March 2013 11:08

In my travels on Monday, I came across the Village Family Restaurant in Norwich, Ontario, and was intrigued by its Bull Riding Themed decor. There are PBR Posters, rodeo pics and more on display around the establishment. I thought it was pretty cool, and in a random place to stumble across a bull riding / rodeo fan place. As we ate, I turned and saw some more memorabilia and made the connection: there was an hommage to Brad Davis. Brad was a young junior bull rider that had just started his first full season of competition in The Ontario Rodeo Association. Tragically, he was killed in a car wreck on the way home from a rodeo, along with a good friend of ours, Trinity Hope.

I had only seen him ride a couple of times, but we went to his visitation immediately following Trinity's to pay our respects as well. The line was long, so as young 20-somethings, we had lost some of the sombre-ness of the occasion as we waited for an hour outside the funeral home. Brad Adams and I were the first guys with Cowboy Hats to make their way into the funeral home, and I'll never forget the look on Brad Davis' Dad's face when we walked in. All he could say was how much Brad loved us (as Cowboys in general) and how much he had loved being a part of the sport, travelling, competing, and being a part the culture. They were ecstatic that we had attended, and each family member had shared the same sentiments of Brad's passion and love for our Sport.

Those memories all came back at Breakfast this past Monday.

I asked the waitress what the significance of the Brad Davis' display of pictures was to the restaurant; and she explained that that was the owners' son. I had looked on a date on the picture, and saw that the fateful day their lives had changed was over 10 years ago (August 2002).

I didn't have any cards, but I did have some Ontario Finals Rodeo tickets in my pocket that I had taken as a souvenir. I left these with the waitress to share with the Owner. She asked what the message I had was, I said simply, "I still remember."

They lost a son that loved the sport of Rodeo. Every day when they go to work, they share his love with their customers, and remember him living out his dream.

It's a great hommage, and I was glad that fate had brought me to their establishment that day...to remember our fallen friends. 

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