Rodeo Announcer Lessons
Thursday, 21 February 2013 01:38

Marshall and Daddy Marshall Scully rocks the microphone

On a recent trip to Wendy's, Marshall found the best prize ever at the bottom of his kid's meal... a microphone!  It kinda sounds like a kazoo when you talk in it, this entertained us for ever, until we noticed there was no one left in our section.

Marshall for some reason loves Brooks and Dunn's song "Cowboy Town" which is on CD in Super Duty, and on the iPad, iPhone and iMac... and he plays it over and over and over...

Combine the two, and you have our latest video: Rodeo Announcer Lessons.

One of the perks of being a combo Announcer and Soundman at events is the ability to have music complement your delivery, as opposed to fighting with it.  Letting a song build, then joining it and rocking to the post adds punch and style...

... Marshall naturally knows how to work with music as opposed to against it.

"Cowboy Town" is the country version of "Lose Yourself" in terms of letting music set the stage.  Time it right, and well, even a two year-old can get you amped up.

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