The After-After-School Special
Sunday, 27 January 2013 23:58

Skill Testing Question - After After School Special Skill Testing Question - After After School Special

Throughout grade and high school, I loved French.  Like loved it.  As I date myself, I went to high school at the time that there was both Grade 13 (OAC's) and Beginner, General and Advanced classes.  I studied French from Grades 4 through Advanced Grade 13 OAC and aced the course... fast tracked... by the time I was done grade 12.  I was fluent as a frenchman, and a mere four years later, I found myself lost at the Festival Western de Ste. Tite, and spent the evening partying with people and debating separatist idealogy all in the "language of love".

Now, that, was just more than a dozen years ago.  Since, I have spent a lot of time in Quebec and French-Ontario, and have great difficulty understanding what is being said; though I can broken-french my way around still.  But, I'm far from being bilingual like I was when I commenced college.

All of that studying, learning... detentions... and it's a faded memory.

handwriting test handwriting test

On International Hand Writing Day, I thought it would be fun to post some scribbles.  Similar to my French, I soon realized that I had forgotten how to write cursive.  Looking at all of my notes on my desk, I noticed that my thoughts are forever scribbled in a mix of printing, symbols, numbers and a lil' cursive.  All of these years of texting, typing and scribbling... and the cursive "i" is a faded memory.

Long Division Question Long Division Question

A la "Smarter than a Fifth Grader", I posted some questions to Twitter and Facebook.  Suprisingly, Math... no problems with the problems.  That is an applied learning that continues on a daily basis.

These were a fun excercise... follow me on Twitter or like me on Facebook to participate in some more challenges... and see just how right you were mumbling... "when will I ever need to know this..." as a youth.


My Answers (and one is wrong): 

answer to the first question answer to the first question

  answer to the long division - spot the error! answer to the long division - spot the error!



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