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How was your April Fools Day?

Tuesday, 02 April 2013 00:13

Facebook Social Media Joke - It's my April Fools Birthday! Facebook Social Media Joke - It's my April Fools Birthday!

Ultrasound pics of twins, engagement ring photos, texts turning into Rick Roll'd, and more, the day of International prank-pulling was filled with jokes, gags and more in Fun.  I think Eastern Canada got the biggest gag by Mother Nature... Snow Squall Warnings and tons of blowing snow filled the day as the grass was covered with about an inch of snow, 12 days into Spring.

I had fun on Facebook for April Fool's Day.  Late on April Fool's Day Eve I switched my Birthday to April 1st.  Around 10pm, shortly after the switch, people started wishing me an early birthday... I played along well into the wee hours liking and commenting the posts.

By noon, over 180 people had wished me a Happy Birthday.  Kinda known for my sense of humour, some said, "No surprise your birthday is on April Fools' Day!".  One former colleague whom we had shared a joint birthday liquid lunch 7 years ago had forgotten that day.  Someone who has bought me tons of Birthday Beer at the Port Perry Bull Riding (my usual Birthday) wrote congratulations.  It carried over to twitter, text message and email.

There were a few that posted and messaged, "isn't your bday in September?"...

I received a random text message around noon, "Happy Birthday, I just heard it on the Radio!"   Turns out that a good friend Donna Henry from Country 93 in Owen Sound saw my bday greetings on Facebook and carried it over on-air.

The joke kept going as after lunch I tried to change it back to my real birthday, and Facebook won't allow it... now that's funny!  I'm stuck with it for a few days, haha.

After lunch I posted: "A great thank you to all of those that wished me a Happy Birthday today via facebook, text, email... and even on the Radio! It was awesome. Let’s do it again in September... on my real birthday. HAPPY APRIL FOOL’S DAY! (it’s the joke that keeps on giving, facebook won’t let me change it back)"

The congratulations continued to roll in until 11:55pm.  The great thing about this joke, there were a ton of people that cared to write AND a bunch of people that knew I was joshin' and called me out on it publicly and privately.  All in all, a great harmless social media prank with warm-fuzzy feelings all around.

Next up... I think my anniversary.... 


I must be doing something right...I've got my own parody video!

Monday, 01 April 2013 11:45

At the Uxbridge Horsemen's Association's 2012 Everything Equine Show I was tasked with sound for the ring all day, announcing and sound for the Bull Riding, and my favourite, play the role of Rodeo Clown as well. It's a fun challenge which I have accomplished in the past, but no performance may be the same, so... I did a puppet show.

A videographer had fun with the audio-track and some craziness... so, I present:

My Announcer Parody Video

Dim lights

It's interesting how my soundbites can be intertwined.... and how fitting that it ends with a "Ho-lee....guy!"


I'm forever grateful for the recognition

Saturday, 30 March 2013 01:07

Joe Scully - 5-time ORA Mick Flick Award Recipient Joe Scully - 5-time ORA Mick Flick Award Recipient

The Ontario Rodeo Association presents an award annually in honour of Mick Flick, a New York State cowboy who spent a lot of time in the Ontario Rodeo Association as an avid competitor, and transitioned to also become a stoic judge. Tragically, Mick was diagnosed with cancer in August of 1972, and fought for 27 months until his passing in November of 1974. Since his passing, the award in his honour has been presented 39-times to 29 different recipients..  It's awarded to the "Cowboy Most Representative of the Sport of Rodeo" by the Membership selecting the nominees and the ORA Board voting on the recipients.

At the Ontario Finals Rodeo in Ancaster I accepted this award for the 5th time.  It was not expected, though my appreciation is great.  

To be nominated repeatedly by my peers in the Sport is an honour alone.  To be chosen by my peers on the political side is an indescribable distinction.  When working in service of our membership the only solstice that is afforded is believing you are delivering their interests, accomplishing forward growth and setting precedent for future generations to enjoy.  As I have seen, as many that support your views and decisions will balance with those that disagree... and the minority have the larger voice.  

When I accepted the roles I handled, it was not to win awards or to gain popularity, or lose it for that matter.  It was to contribute to a Sport that has offered me great opportunity, and guided me through life with value and enrichment.

I enjoyed this tenure.  It was challenging at times, rewarding at times.  What I enjoyed most was the passion that matters were presented with.

To be recognized is truly an honour, and I wish to thank all of the Boards that have selected me for this award, in addition to the many that have submitted my name for the ballot. There are many that share my passion for Rodeo, the Political Right, and a strong Ontario Rodeo Association, and I look forward to seeing their names emblazoned on this award as well.

Thank you.

1974 Tim Koelln
1975 John MacKenzie
1976 Jerry Kinsella
1977 Barry Ellis
1978 Fred MacKenzie
1979 Eric DeGroote
1980 Joe Alexander
1981 Gaylon Smith
1982 Barry Thomson
1983 Barry Thomson
1984 Don Lawrence
1985 Rick Parker
1986 Bill Leggette
1987 Bill Leggette
1988 Terry Dunk / Marcel Rivard
1989 Marcel Rivard
1990 Terry Dunk
1991 Paul Cooper
1992 Joe Leggette
1993 Joe Leggette
1994 Bob Baker
1995 Neil Roberts
1996 Steve Hallman
1997 Greg Hines
1998 Ross Millar
1999 Ed Walls
2000 Ross Millar
2001 Joe Alexander
2002 Steve Fisher
2003 Ken Doner
2004 BJ Prince
2005 Ed DeWetering
2006 Joe Scully / Alex Dunseith
2007 Joe Scully
2008 Joe Scully
2009 Jake Walker
2010 Joe Scully
2011 Rick Parker
2012 Joe Scully


Buckin' Music, Rockin' Horses - Featured on #RodeoChat - March 21

Friday, 29 March 2013 23:56

Professional Rodeo Announcer Joe Scully, ProRodeo MC Featured on #RodeoChat Professional Rodeo Announcer Joe Scully, ProRodeo MC Featured on #RodeoChat

Recently my social media friend Paige Gregory asked if I would be interested in doing #rodeochat, a weekly Tweet-Up discussion with members of the Rodeo Community.  The premise was #myOFR (Ontario Finals Rodeo) and what goes into it from an announcer perspective... to be able to talk twitter, Ontario Rodeo and Announcing... I was in.

Of course, scheduling got a lil' whacky, so, while running cable and setting speakers, I would duck around a corner to tweet my answers; so compounded with tweets being 140 characters or less with the need to multi-task, my answers weren't as deep and profound as normal, but it was still a great experience.

The Tee-Up Post:

Professional Rodeo Announcer
Joe Scully
Ontario, Canada
Joe Scully, is an award-winning PROFESSIONAL Rodeo Emcee and Live-Event Sound Artisan from Canada! As a Canadian, you’ll notice that this cowboy has a different accent then some of the announcers here in America. Joe, is a Professional Rodeo Announcer in 3 different Rodeo Associations today such as: IPRA, PRCA, ORA. To be a Rodeo Announcer you must do your homework, and study all of the riders that are competing in the Rodeo/bull riding that day! Joe being a Canadian Professional Rodeo Announcer, sticks out of the crowd and amazes Rodeo fans with his history and research as he Emcee’s the Rodeo world with his TRUE talents whether that be announcing a rodeo or spreading his “brand” across the social media world! With that being said…
Joe Scully will be joining me on #rodeochat THIS Thursday to talk about the Ontario Finals Rodeo: Ancaster this coming weekend (March 22-24)! Joe Scully, will be the Rodeo announcer for the Ontario Finals Rodeo for his 6TH times this year! To follow along Use/Follow #rodeochat on Twitter to JOIN in on the chat every Thursday night at 8 PM CT! More Info:
We hope y’all have a wonderful week, and we hope to see each and every one of you THIS Thursday night over on #rodeochat at 8 PM CT!
- Paige Gregory

The Rodeo Chat Replay:

Good Evening #rodeochat fans! Tonight, were shining the spotlight on @ORArodeo Finals Rodeo Announcer Joe Scully (@rodeoannouncer)!
By the way, #rodeochat starts now! Joe, are you ready to get this #rodeochat started? 

let 'er rip! Good eve!

Hello! How's your Day been today?

Crazy! Still running 'round, setting sound as we speak!

Holy cow! There should be an award for best multi-tasker around that can tweet & work at the same time :) 
Question 1: So did you get involved with Rodeo announcing? Was it something you've always had an interest for? 

I started as a rodeo clown as a teen and went into radio broadcasting for college, and kinda melded the 2 together. I learned a lot of what I didn't like by working with announcers and targeted my own style that was clown/show friendly 

Very cool! Seems like it worked very well for you in your announcing career.
Question 2: What kind of work did it take to become a Professional Rodeo Announcer? Did you have to reach certain requirements?

Step 1 was practice and polish. Step 2 was book and promote. Started doing more gigs and working for more contractors.  Finally, submitted 5 events for the PRCA to send someone to evaluate me. Once I was approved, then I was professionally carded. But professional is more than a card... It's a passion for the craft and solid business ethics, with professional polish.

Question 3: How many rodeos/bull ridings do you announce every year?  What's something new your doing this year that you didn't do last year?

I do about 30 events/year and upwards of 80 performances. I'm in a lighter area for rodeo numbers so I complement my schedule.  So monster trucks and demo derbies keep it interesting. New events would include the cirque-de-soleil-type show I wrote the script for and announced last week.  But equine training shows and extreme cowboy races are the new thing I'm rocking. And A-shows (show jumping) in 2013.

Lol, funny!
Question 4: So you're getting ready to announce the @ORArodeo Finals Rodeo. How did you get that job under your belt? 

The 1st time I announced the #myOFR was my 1st year announcing. It was an honour selected as a rookie.  It changes hands a lot, but this is my 6th #myOFR... Being President of the @ORArodeo Association helps, haha. But I like the competitors, I know 'em all 

Question 5: How are you getting yourself prepared to announce the @ORArodeo Finals? 

Preparation is key. Make sure every competitor has back story, if it's not championships, then Facebook updates, haha.  From there will be scripting my computer to see playoffs and potentials to storyline every ride and run. Soon as the clock/buzzer stops; seeing how that changes year end standings. It's all about up to the second story lines.

(Last question) Question 6: @rodeoannouncer How hard is it to keep an audience occupied for a couple of hours during a rodeo? 

It's about content and energy.
Content: storyline and reason to cheer on every competitor. Sponsors as product placement.  
Energy: music and spoken word going up and down. Like a race car, you can't stay wide open the whole time. You can't yell 24/7.  You can't have people tuned in whole time...You gotta work it like a roller coaster. It's a craft. Constantly being tweaked

Thank you so much Joe Scully (@rodeoannouncer) for taking the time out of your day to chat with us on #rodeochat Tonight, we really do appreciate it!

It was fun! Thanks for having me! 


Fate Brought Us To Norwich This Week

Wednesday, 27 March 2013 11:08

In my travels on Monday, I came across the Village Family Restaurant in Norwich, Ontario, and was intrigued by its Bull Riding Themed decor. There are PBR Posters, rodeo pics and more on display around the establishment. I thought it was pretty cool, and in a random place to stumble across a bull riding / rodeo fan place. As we ate, I turned and saw some more memorabilia and made the connection: there was an hommage to Brad Davis. Brad was a young junior bull rider that had just started his first full season of competition in The Ontario Rodeo Association. Tragically, he was killed in a car wreck on the way home from a rodeo, along with a good friend of ours, Trinity Hope.

I had only seen him ride a couple of times, but we went to his visitation immediately following Trinity's to pay our respects as well. The line was long, so as young 20-somethings, we had lost some of the sombre-ness of the occasion as we waited for an hour outside the funeral home. Brad Adams and I were the first guys with Cowboy Hats to make their way into the funeral home, and I'll never forget the look on Brad Davis' Dad's face when we walked in. All he could say was how much Brad loved us (as Cowboys in general) and how much he had loved being a part of the sport, travelling, competing, and being a part the culture. They were ecstatic that we had attended, and each family member had shared the same sentiments of Brad's passion and love for our Sport.

Those memories all came back at Breakfast this past Monday.

I asked the waitress what the significance of the Brad Davis' display of pictures was to the restaurant; and she explained that that was the owners' son. I had looked on a date on the picture, and saw that the fateful day their lives had changed was over 10 years ago (August 2002).

I didn't have any cards, but I did have some Ontario Finals Rodeo tickets in my pocket that I had taken as a souvenir. I left these with the waitress to share with the Owner. She asked what the message I had was, I said simply, "I still remember."

They lost a son that loved the sport of Rodeo. Every day when they go to work, they share his love with their customers, and remember him living out his dream.

It's a great hommage, and I was glad that fate had brought me to their establishment that remember our fallen friends.