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Heated Arena? I may not Hibernate this Winter

Wednesday, 01 December 2010 02:42

Clinton Roping Poster View Clinton Roping Poster

While at the ORA Banquet this past weekend, I was handed a flyer for the winter roping series entitled: "The Come In Out Of The Cold" Winter Series at REACH Huron in Clinton, Ontario.

This facility offers a Heated Arena, Warm Up Arenas, and so much more.  Plus, it's beside the racetrack and slots.

The Winter Series will include Buckles and Coats to the Winners, there's added money in all events (Team Roping, Breakaway, Tiedown, Steer Wrestling, Barrel Racing) and...well is in a heated arena!

Upcoming dates: December 12, December 19, January 9th, January 23rd, February 6th, February 20th, March 6th, March 13th, March 27th, April 3rd, April 17th.

Sanctioned by the Roping Association of Ontario.

Directions: here.


Ontario Rodeo Association Awards Banquet Presentation

Tuesday, 30 November 2010 08:22

Banquet Powerpoint ThumbnailAt the request of a few people in attendance, I've posted the pictures and original "intended" audio for the ORA 2010 Season Awards Banquet.

I pre-recorded everything the night before with the intentions of just hitting buttons and assisting with the "production".  In the morning, I had forgotten my good laptop, so, I used my "not so good" laptop to try the presentation, and it corrupt the file.

Thankfully, during dinner, my good buddy BJ Prince drove to my house, transferred another copy to my good laptop, and brought it to the reception.  The audio didn't work, though.

In hindsight, doing the bios live had way more energy and entertainment...but the pre-recorded piece is perfect for an online, I'm sharing as promised!

Click the Image to watch the Visual Presentation from the 2010 ORA Season Awards Banquet (or Click Here)


Everything is different in Hamilton

Sunday, 21 November 2010 23:04

After an afternoon at Monster Jam, we decided to make use of the time we paid for in the parking lot ($20). So we went to the closest bar to Copps Colisieum, the 4 Bucks $ Saloon.

4 Buck$ Saloon The 4 Buck$ Saloon in Hamilton

All new cedar inside, it looked nice. Cedar bar, cedar stools, cedar walls. All new and not stained. Though they had draft taps, only bottles were available.

We ordered a few Coors Lights...and the waitress said, that'll be $4.50 each!!! Good times, with 4-50 beers at the 4 Bucks saloon....

If only Ford made Pro Audio Equipment

Monday, 23 August 2010 22:40

Rodeo Rain and Mush

Ever since I turned on the glow plugs on my Built Ford Tough 350 Super Duty, I became a Truck Guy.  Sure, I really can't compare my rides over my tenure, a Chev S-10 that saw miles, wrecks and hauled more stuff than a 3/4-ton should ever be introduced to; or the Dodge 1500 that hauled the "two-times heavier than 4-Star", Double-Walled Aluminum Jamco Horse Trailer (for sale, inquire within), and had been in more wrecks than Earnhardt's #3 (two of which directly caused by the aforementioned trailer), my Ford is awesome.  Yes, I've buried it.  Yes, I've ran it out of Diesel.  But it hauls, rocks, and roars.

My professional audio equipment on the other hand...not so much.  Notorious for "The Sound Guaranteed to Pound", if they're not peakin' (red lights aren't flashing), then something is wrong.  But as often as I head to Blackstock Ford for an oil change (every 15,000 km / 8,100 mi), I'm heading to the Audio Shop to repair something or updgrade something.  After years of replacing blown woofers caused by simultaneous moisture and phat beats, or mushed grills from cabinets toppling in hurricanes, or torched insides from cranked tune-age inside a garbage bag, my repair guy came up with a "Solution".  A mixture of Glue and Sealant spread over the paper cones has almost stood up the test of time.

Rodeo Rain and Speakers

After an onset storm, instead of ruining 6 cabinets, I only had 1 blown woofer, that was probably more accredited to a garbage bag.  But, there was a ton of muddy, wrecked gear.

However, my delivery for repairs and tune-ups this past trip included:

  • 1 - Shure PGX Handheld Mic - Torched Inside from a water puddle on top of the base, and a pond underneath
  • 1 - Shure PGX Handheld Mic - An unreliable on-off switch on the transmitter, I believe faulty from 95* handsweat dripping inside...ewwww
  • 1 - Shure PGX Headset Mic (Microphone) - A trashed mic cable from when the rodeo clown jumped onto a Bareback Bronc Hangup and something ripped it from the transmitter
  • 1 - Shure PGX Headset Mic (Transmitter) - An extremely unreliable on-off switch on the transmitter, faulty from dust and being mangled by a huge hit from a bull...same clown
  • 1 - JBL Eon Cabinet - Woofer - Torn - 50-50 chance of a patch....most likely blown from being inside a garbage bag and driven like "Normal"
  • 1 - JBL Eon Cabinet - Tune-up - An 8" screw rattled out, and the bass of the announcer's voice has loosened the entire control module, so, though it sounds awesome in front of the speaker, behind it, it sounds like it's blown....just need some replacement screws, whew!

Crank it up, stand clear, and hold your ears!!!!  At least when it all comes back from the Speaker ER...

Bagged Speakers in a Puddle


Fired up for Chesterville, Ontario (Upper Canada Rodeo)

Tuesday, 15 June 2010 22:05


As the 2010 Rawhide Rodeo Tour commences into high gear, we have had some great events to date in Eastern Canada. Lindsay, Ontario acted as summer season opener where we saw an 8.1-second Tiedown Roping run and an 83-point Bull Ride. Onwards to Erin, Ontario, the stock bucked rank-rank and saw lots of prize money awarded to the Toughest and the Fastest in the "Richest Open-Season Rodeo in Ontario". Next to Owen Sound, Ontario. It was in Grey County that we really saw the disconnect between stock and rider, and just what calibre of Animal Athletes Rawhide Rodeo Company Canada is featuring this year.


The one thing production-types look for is crowds...size, reaction, hospitality, etc. Both Lindsay and Erin had strong opening days, Owen Sound had a packed grandstand. As we venture to Chesterville, Ontario next for the Upper Canada Rodeo, it looks like records will be set.

The early scouting report: vendor spaces are sold out. Additional seating is on order. Advance tickets are a scarce commodity as the community and surrounding areas are clammering to get their tickets to this inaugural Professional Rodeo.


So far this season, Chesterville's Upper Canada Rodeo has been a buzz on the world wide web. One of the strengths of is the additional awareness and web traffic that it generates for events. Some events may not have exclusive websites for the Rodeo / Western Action Sports Events, and for over 6 years, becomes an additional portal for event promotion.

One extremely interesting statistic to look at is the traffic to related to keywords surrounding Chesterville's Upper Canada Rodeo. Since the start of 2010, over 243 visitors have landed on looking for information on this event. That number is over 3-times the second event-related keyword source, the 2010 IPRA Canadian Finals Rodeo in London, Ontario. Surprising is that there already is a website for the rodeo, and other well established websites promoting the event as well.


Based on the numbers, based on the advance sales, this event is going to be huge. We're super-stoked to venture East this weekend!