Team Canada at IFR 41 - Saturday Afternoon Recap
Saturday, 15 January 2011 18:09

ifr41rnd2After a few pay cheques, and two go-round wins, the Canadians competing in International Finals Rodeo 41 tried to carry that momentum forward into Saturday's afternoon performance.

Saturday Afternoon Crib Notes:


In Bareback Bronc Riding, Gaetan Bernard (Alberta) tied for 2nd in the Go with a big 79 on a big bareback bronc. He leads the Aggregate going into Round #3 Saturday Night. Pat Legault (Quebec) posted a 77.5. Sylvain Meuneir (Quebec) had a bronc flip on him during his ride, but walked out of the arena. Christian Bilodeau (Quebec) and Danian Nutt (Ontario) Bucked Off. Josh Crager of Tennessee won with an 85-point Ride.


In Steer Wrestling, Rod Weese (Ontario) posted a long 7.4. Troy Orr (Tennessee) and Sean Thomas (Arkansas) won the round with a 4.2.

In Team Roping, Jarod Nooren (Ontario) and his partner Wendell Stanley (Oklahoma) had a 5.3 for 3rd in the Go-round and to jump to 3rd in the Aggregate. Ross Scully (Ontario) and Adam Schlecthy (Ohio) had a decent 6.2 plus 10-second penalty. Dustin Buchanan and Ty Etheridge (Georgia) won with a 5.1

In Saddle Bronc Riding, Luc Cloutier (Quebec) had a huge 77-point ride, Rod Weese (Ontario) posted a 76 with an outstanding bronc, Peter Hallman (Ontario) posted a 70. Mathieu Tourigny (Quebec) was bucked off. Doug Aldridge (Missouri) won with a 79.5.

In Tiedown Roping, Ross Scully (Ontario) had a decent 9.5-second run with two "bobbles" in his tie. However, the calf kicked free before the required 5-seconds, resulting in a no-time. Jarod Nooren (Ontario) posted an 11.6. Russell Wells (Oklahoma) won with an 8.3.

In Barrel Racing, Edesse Descoteaux (Quebec) ran a 15.5. Sindy Laliberte (Quebec) ran a 15.564. Shanna Simmons (Pennsylvania) won with a 14.92.

Bull Riding had a split pen of bulls. Sylvain Champagne (Quebec) had a 76.5 for possible 3rd. Clint Smith, Ian Charman, and Luke McCoag (Ontario) all bucked off. Clint was close to the 8-seconds, and Ian was even the 7.9 - 8.0 second range on both before their hands came out of the rope, in the opinion of many watching the video feed.

Round #3 is at 7:30pm Central Standard Time / 8:30pm Eastern Standard Time available online: here.

Read the Round #1 Recap on

Bareback Bronc
Danian Nutt, Parkhill, Ontario, 4th in IPRA, 15th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings
Pat Legault, Ste. Barbe, Quebec, 5th in IPRA, 6th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings
Christian Bilodeau, St. Lin-Laurentides, Quebec, 7th in IPRA, 13th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings
Sylvain Meunier, St. Polycarpe, Quebec, 8th in IPRA, 14th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings
Gaetan Bernard, Erkshine, Alberta, 12th in IPRA, 3th in IFR, $781.25 in IFR41 Earnings

Steer Wrestling
Rod Weese, Alvinston, Ontario, 14th in IPRA, 10th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings

Team Roping
Ross Scully, Rockwood, Ontario w/ Adam Schlechty, Ansonia, OH, 6th in IPRA, 6th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings
Jarod Nooren, St. Thomas, Ontario w/ Wendall Stanley, Wagoner, OK, 11th in IPRA, 3th in IFR, $625 in IFR41 Earnings

Saddle Bronc Riding
Rod Weese, Alvinson, Ontario, 9th in IPRA, 8th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings
Luc Cloutier, Ste. Tite, Quebec, 8th in IPRA, 7th in IFR, $156.25 in IFR41 Earnings
Mathieu Tourigny, Actonvale, Quebec, 12th in IPRA, 13/15th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings
Peter Hallman, New Hamburg, Ontario, 15th in IPRA, 12th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings

Tiedown Roping
Jarod Nooren, St. Thomas, Ontario, 3th in IPRA, 6th in IFR, $104.17 in IFR41 Earnings
Ross Scully, Rockwood, Ontario, 8th in IPRA, 12th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings

Barrel Racing
Sindy Laliberte, Valcartier, Quebec, 4th in IPRA, 2th in IFR, $1250 in IFR41 Earnings
Edesse Descoteaux, Lorrainville, Quebec, 8th in IPRA, 3th in IFR, $312.5 in IFR41 Earnings

Bull Riding
Luke McCoag, Queensville, Ontario, 4th in IPRA, 8/15th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings
Ian Charman, Pontypool, Ontario, 6th in IPRA, 8/15th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings
Clint Smith, London, Ontario, 11th in IPRA, 4th in IFR, $1250 in IFR41 Earnings
Sylvain Champagne, Ste-Julienne, Quebec, 15th in IPRA, 3th in IFR, $312.5 in IFR41 Earnings

IFR Earnings After Round 2
Clint Smith, London, Ontario: $1250
Sindy Laliberte, Valcartier, Quebec: $1250
Gaetan Bernard, Erkshine, Alberta: $781.25
Jarod Nooren, St. Thomas, Ontario: $729.17
Edesse Descoteaux, Lorrainville, Quebec: $312.5
Sylvain Champagne, Ste-Julienne, Quebec: $312.5
Luc Cloutier, Ste. Tite, Quebec: $156.25
Christian Bilodeau, St. Lin-Laurentides, Quebec: $0
Danian Nutt, Parkhill, Ontario: $0
Ian Charman, Pontypool, Ontario: $0
Luke McCoag, Queensville, Ontario: $0
Mathieu Tourigny, Actonvale, Quebec: $0
Pat Legault, Ste. Barbe, Quebec: $0
Peter Hallman, New Hamburg, Ontario: $0
Rod Weese, Alvinson, Ontario: $0
Ross Scully, Rockwood, Ontario: $0
Sylvain Meunier, St. Polycarpe, Quebec: $0

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