Ontario Rodeo Numbers Review The answer to, "Why Would I" just may be below
Wednesday, 28 May 2008 19:00

This past weekend I heard a comment that irked me a little bit. In the ongoing planning and preparations for the summer Rodeo Season here in Ontario, everyone is talking about who's going where, when, and why.

In a newsletter blast a month or two ago, I claimed that 2008 would be the "Year of the Contestant" here in the Province of Ontario. 3 Producers; weekends with 4 events within just this Province alone; rising fuel costs, feed costs, shipping costs...and all we want to do is Rodeo.

It really depends on who you like, how bad you want to compete, where you want to qualify for, how much you want to make, who do you want to support, what's close to the house, which one has a big afterparty, and so on.

Money. It'll drive you. As the season rolls on, expect to see some increases in Added Money as the Producers attempt to lure you to their event either First, or instead of another. Good News for you...but early into June, it's still not a considerable deciding factor.

A long-time friend said, "Why would I go to one to compete for $500 added when I can go to another to compete for $750?" My Brother, not the math genius in any fact said, "Because the Percentages make all the difference". Socrates Scully tried to explain how even though one Producer will offer more Added Money, there are more percentages taken off for other things, and to pay another "spot". When comparing 10 contestants or even 40 teams, it relates to a minimum of 10%.

His example was at a Rodeo last year where he won just short of $500 in the Team Roping for First, and down the road won over $1,100 for First there in the same Event.

It sparked my interest to look to see if that was an exaggeration, and to see if it can be demonstrated as to why.

I've created the comparison below using the #'s of Entries experienced in each Event at the first Ontario Rodeo of the Season, Lindsay, ON. I've used these numbers as a base, which could be argued as the number of contestants competing in each Respective Event this season.

I then utilized the payout guidelines and added monies for the next two Ontario Rodeos, Orono, ON, a CCA-Sanctioned Rodeo and Erin, ON, an ORA-Sanctioned Rodeo. It is the same $500 vs. $750...and the answer to, "Why would I go to one to compete for $500 added when I can go to another to compete for $750?"...because the $500 Rodeo pays more.

This would be even accepting even entries across the board, but take it the big step further, imagine what the $1,000 - addeds will look like?

If you recieved the first draft of the comparison, please disregard as I had miscalculated the Team Roping. It pays $754/roper vs $993.33/roper. Once again, that's utilizing the same amount of teams at each rodeo. To look at the real numbers since callbacks, the weekend portrayed has 34 teams and 42 teams, so, the actual win is more like: $616.31 vs. $972.27.

Perhaps "Why Would I..." will become, "Why Shouldn't I..." With Fuel over 40% more than last season, one would imagine that the best bet would be the 58% higher payout....if you had to pick one...my long-time friend.

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