Apparently...there's a Rodeo here? Maine Blog Continued
Thursday, 27 September 2007 04:53

So, the first event was an IBR Bull Riding, and I rocked it as hard as I could go...except I didn't know any of the contestants... like, maybe 1. They were all Brazillian... Renalto, Flavio, etc. and the clown pointed out to me after the 5th Spanish joke that they spoke Portugese, not Spanish... ooops, my bad, who knew??? In the am, I tried to get online on the wireless, and needed the code. I called the front desk, and she offered me a cod.

"Lady, it's a lil' early in the morning for Fish, don't 'ya think?"

"No, a cod. For the Internet"

I walked to the front, excited to see Bill Gate's Internet fish, and she handed me a Card. Who knew Card and Cod meant the same thing.

Maine'rs are pretty cool people, though.

I've been rollerblading all over the town we're holed up in. The first day I went 5k or 3 miles, the second I went 10k or 6 miles, and the third I went 6k or 3.4 miles... all with good times. Everyone says good monin', and I say good morning. I take Lucky the wonder dog, and I have to stop and describe her breeding, like I know what it is. She's been crossed with about 50 different breeds as I keep making it up. Our last adventure was following a monster rain fall, and the paths and roads were sliiiicccck! I kept sliding like I was on ice, yes, I looked like Bambi. I think Lucky was giggling a lil'.

The old addage, "most accidents happen closer to home" is so true. Crossing the highway back to the hotel we made it halfway across as a guy pulled out of a driveway and pinned it; I had to do a 180 stop and got my one blade stuck in a crack in the road for a millisecond... and just about went flying backwards into moving traffic. I almost either died or ended up in an US Hospital with no Insurance... either way, I guess Lucky was my Lucky amulet.

I've done a ton of Touristing things... I ate Lobster and drank Shipyard Pumpkin Head Ale. I don't know which tasted worse... but I finished the beer, and only had the claws of "Carl" the Lobster.

We went to a Ska Bar... the only jammin' joint on Monday night. It was so small that guys had to signal when they were going to "make a move" on the dance floor. This guy kept marching in circles, waved, then did a round house kick. Fun times... good night to wear the ol' cowboy hat out. We found a Karaoke bar after that and watched drunken Maine'rs sing Classic rock. Safer by a lil'.

We went to frame a sketch some crazy guy gave us during the show, but that was going to cost $400.00, so, we're stealing the frame from the room...

And we went looking for a Laundry mat at 2 am... got back at 4am... they're closed... that's after trying 16 in 5 different cities.

My roommate has fallen asleep with his laptop 3 of 4 nights...

Tonight it's Chicken Barbeque at the Rodeo, and out on the town. I THINK there's a rodeo sometime soon, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do at it. I can't remember if I'm the Bull Rider or the Bareback Rider... or the judge or something... I hope it doesn't cut into my rollerblading!