From Stratford Rodeo... I don't BS!!!
Wednesday, 15 August 2007 19:00

I freestyle a lot, and I HAD to do what I said... I came up with this bad boy on my own... thanks!

So, as part of the "Great Refrigerator Round-up" across Ontario, you buy a new fridge (a more energy efficient one, which is any fridge/freezer), and call Hydro... they take your old one away at No Charge, and you could save up to $150/year...

In Stratford, they had a mascot... a Fridge.

Announcer Joey says, "Hey, if you have a digital camera, be sure that you get a picture of yourself with the Fridge, and where will you put that picture? The picture of you and a Fridge?.... c'mon, play along....ON YOUR FRIDGE"

So, never a hypocrit, and always the one to take it to a new level...

here's a picture of a picture of me and a fridge ON MY FRIDGE.

The only way you can trump that one is to...well, I don't think you can!!!!