1,800k (1,100mi) Roadtrip weekend
Saturday, 28 April 2007 19:00

What started as a weekend of planned boring-ness turned into a Roadtrip.

At 11:30am on Saturday morning we rolled the dice, and ventured waaay South for Bullride Mania in Harrisburg, PA. Ideally, we should have pulled in at the show start... but... Microsoft Streets and Trips recommended the wrong bridge, and we got held up at the 49th parallel for an hour.

We rolled in an hour into the show... saving a few minutes by cutting through the Alpaca show. It was educational... I had never heard of an Alpaca before... looks like an Emu crossed with a Camel with a lil' poodle thrown in for cuteness.

The whole night included adventures... from going hotel-to-hotel trying to find a room... to the walk across the overpass to get to the bar... to the stories about "po-dunk" this and that... crazy night.

Sunday we played tourist and went to Hershey, PA. Toured the chocolate factory via a "podunk" simulated ride, visited the Hershey Museum. Being Canadian, I had no idea of the Hershey Story. I thought that they just named the company after the town the Factory was based in. The real history of the company was pretty inspirational. Milton Hershey was an apprentice candy maker, then branched on his own... folded the company. Tried again... sold the company (which was moderately profitable). Then bought all of the property (like 1,000's of acres, houses, etc.) around his parent's old house (in the sticks... prolly back then, it was pretty "podunk"). Then, he builds a factory... and builds a town. builds a school. builds a bank. starts a firehall. builds a themepark. Sure, Walt Disney built themeparks around the globe, but, this guy built a city and all of its working components. Even more impressive, this was before SimCity or similar computer games...haha. We then ventured back to watch the bull riding show opening.

It was crazy... a bar-room brawl came to an end with 7 bulls crashing the party...

we watched the first hour of the show, so, over the two performances, we got to experience an entire performance. Then a long sail back to catch the Sopranos.

Good times, good times. Next trip, I'm going to ride the rides at Chocolate world, or whatever it is... at a mere 43USD... ho-lee!

Caledon-Peterborough-Caledon-St. Catherines-Harrisburg-Hershey-St. Catherines-Caledon... 1,800 km. Seeing an Alpaca and a Bullride Mania... priceless.

Oh, and word of the trip... "Podunk". I don't really know what it means, yet have heard it used a number of times before. When asked for a definition, I stated, "What a Redneck would call beyond redneck, even for them"