Explosion... I'm not a good "Holly Homemaker"
Thursday, 25 January 2007 04:31
I recently completed a massive Personal Achievement: I ironed my own shirts to perfection. I mean, I didn't want to wear them afterwards, as they were a thing of beauty.

So, you'd think that after accomplishing one of Housework's Major Obstacles that I'd be able to complete a simple task: make a cup of coffee.

No, not boiling a kettle, pouring into a cup with instant coffee and stirring...

Using the fancy coffee machine that pours right into your cup.

We have one that makes 2 cups at a time, and when so desired, you can make one. It's even filter free, just rinse the container.

I set 'er up, fill 'er up, select "one cup", hit the power button, and walk away.

I return a few minutes later to see a massive pool of coffee all over the counter. I had put the cup on the wrong "side". I mutter some discouraging words, spend 5 minutes wiping down the counter, the toaster, the microwave, the mail, etc., and re-attempt the feat.

Set 'er up, fill 'er up, select "one cup", hit the power button... wait to see that it's all good...then walk away. I return to see coffee grinds everywhere. Another pool of coffee on the counter. The bonus was that this time, I had 1/2 a cup of coffee.

I cleaned everything up all over again, and proceeded to drink my coffee... well... more of a mix of coffee and coffee grinds. I had to filter it with my teeth... yummy.

Tomorrow I prepare to take on the washing machine.