The Third Generation of Cowboy'n
Thursday, 04 October 2012 23:31

Mama's Don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys Marshall Scully the Roping Baby

My Dad started roping when I was about two years of age, and as a youth, I watched him learn the trait through trials and tribulations.  My boy, Marshall (@MarshallScully on Twitter) has spent the a fair bit of the first two years of his life watching rodeos, and roping, and whether it's a skipping rope, iPhone headset, Piggin' String or Heading Rope... he knows what it's for... ropin'!

132153_423175414413398_920173640_o Baby Roping off of a Rocking Horse

Today I moved him up from ground work to the dummy horse.  He turns two next week.  He's gonna be a champ, for sure!

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