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Wednesday, 09 May 2012 01:41

Thief Going in and out of cars in Erin, May 2012 Thief Going in and out of cars in Erin, May 2012

It's 1:30 in the morning, and I'm working on some photos and stuff, I hear a horn honk from my driveway.  I looked out the window and saw nothing.  I listened, and couldn't hear any sounds to signify that anyone was "up".  I replayed the sound in my head... it definitely was in my driveway.  After going back to my iPhone for a second, my curiosity piqued, and then decided to investigate.

Armed with an iPhone and a Spyderco Rope Knife (as there wasn't a rolling pin around), I went up the stairs and outside.  I could feel my feet start to shiver... I hadn't thought the footwear thing out.  My shoulders tensed under the cold Spring rain... negative on the jacket.  Nothing seemed awry.  I walked over and looked at the vehicles in the driveway.  Both of mine were locked.  Then, through the windows of Super Duty I saw a flash.  I froze.  The neighbour is a younger dude, with people in and out at random times of the day, and night.  I think he's a baker or something, so, he himself has a weird schedule.  I saw that his van's passenger door was open, and a dude about his age in a hooded jacket was looking over the visor, and in the glove box.  Now, I begin to wonder if this is an awkward moment; had I found the neighbour boozily crawling around his vehicle or something?

Thief going in Cars in Erin Thief going in Cars in Erin

Then another flash.  This guy was using a flashlight to look in the back seats.  Eerie.  Something's awry.

I walked down the road.  Stealthily.  Not that I want to sneak up, but I was troucning down the rain-soaked asphalt in stocking feet.  The dude had closed the van door ever so softly, but hadn't gone to the house or the street.  I'm now thinking of a Flashpoint episode and think the dude is gonna summersault around the van or something.  Stealthily slowing down.... I walk around the van, and now the dude is inside the next neighbour's car, and I can hear change and trinkets being rustled through in an ashtray or something.

So, it's obvious of a few things at this point.  
1) dude hit jackpot street with three unlocked vehicles in a row (or is a really fast slim-jimmer)
2) dude isn't a baker3) dude is up to no good
4) Pneumonia is inevitible

Car break in in Erin dude breaking into cars in Erin

My instinct was to say, "Whatcha doin', bud?" a la Erin "bud" thing, but that wasn't going to help.  I don't have a car-break-in-er app on my iPhone, so, I decided to shoot video instead.  Not for the chance of a viral video, but in hopes for a good still from the video, and in case my random act of surveillance turned into force.

From a braced stance, I rolled video.  In the video you can hear him rustling, you can see him look in the back seat with the flashlight, and then ever so-softly close the door.  Then he looks at me as he starts to walk away.  Instantly he put his head down and walked down the street.

Rough Pics car rummager in Erin

I called the po-po, and followed down the street and around the corner, but then figured that he would have jetted, and I didn't want to follow through the fields in my stocking feet, without jacket.

So, as I sit at home shivering, I wonder... what should I have done?  The stills and video are grainy.  I didn't see a po-po cruiser while I waited for a few minutes in my driveway, so I'm guessing he got away.

He looked to be early twenties, in a grey-green bomber-hoody crossed jacket, non-baggy jeans, worn like baggy jeans with black underwear showing with white criss-cross stitching, unshaven, 5'8" and 160-180 pounds.  His pockets were full and jiggling.

-- Had I snapped a photo with the flash, it may have escalated to an altercation for my iPhone.
-- Had I addressed him, he most likely would have ran.
-- Had I approached him, it may have been an altercation.
-- Had I attempted to apprehend him... well, it would have made a better video.

thief walking away thief getting away in Erin

What would you have done?  Do you feel remorse for the three vehicle owners that most likely left their vehicles unlocked?

Lock your shyte.  And comment my blog.

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