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Thursday, 26 April 2012 23:58

Mac Lee - Bull Rider and Steer Wrestler Mac Lee - Bull Rider and Steer Wrestler

In the Ontario Rodeo Association, there is an award presented annually to the Most Improved Steer Wrestler, in memorium of former ORA Rodeo Competitor Mac Lee.  In the years of late, such contenders have recieved this award as: Brandon Hennings, Joe Yoder, Taylor Witzel, Dan MacIver and Danian Nutt.  Dating back to the late 1980's, this honourable award has been bestowed on many of our champions, and allows one of the ORA's own to remain part of our legacy.

We have had the pleasure of having many of Mac Lee's family members on-hand to present the award over the past few years, and during this time, member's of our newer class have come to learn that Mac was also a Bull Rider, and of the many events he participated in, Bull Riding was often his favourite.

Mac Lee Memorial Award Mac Lee Memorial Award

In 2011, his mother made her way to the ORA Banquet to present the award, and at dinner, she shared with us many of the pictures she carries of him, in addition to some of the timeless rodeo stories of his travels.

It was a tragic day on September 10th, 1986 when Mac Lee passed away as a result of a workplace tragedy.  Married just three weeks, his second day on the job after returning from a honeymoon to celebrate life moving forward with his new partner, it was an unexpected end to a life that was just beginning.

The ORA continues to honour him, as does his family.

His sister, JoAnn Lee-St.Pierre is participating with other families across Canada on Saturday May 5th, 2012 in the annual Steps for Life Walk in support of Threads of Life, a non-profit charity that helps those affected by workplace fatalities, life-altering injuries and occupational disease.  If you are able to pledge a financial amount in Mac Lee's name, there is a CanadaHelps.org page to help connect you with her and donate to the cause.

The name Mac Lee will perpetuate forward in the world of Ontario Rodeo, and together, our families may help others through the effort of bolstering Health and Safety in the Workplace, and helping those affected by an incident on the job.

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