Inspiration from a Riggin' Rider
Thursday, 26 April 2012 02:45

James Phillips bareback bronc riding James Phillips bareback bronc riding

Meet James Phillips, a Bareback Rider from Arkansas.  Last week, he continued achieving milestones along his journey to accomplishing his ultimate goal... an 8-second bull ride.  Like many, he has big dreams, and realizes that to achieve those dreams, you need to set little goals along the way.  His latest accolade is featured in the videos in this article.

His rodeo knowledge exceeds most Industry veterans.  His "rolodex" (or social media circles) has contact names in the 1,000's.  In all of the circles of Bull Riding and Professional Rodeo, he is known by name.

What sets this Bareback Rider apart from his Riggin' Ridin' breathern is that James has a grit, try and determination that exceeds what most people wish they could muster on a daily basis.  That, and James has cerebral palsy.

When I first met James Phillips, I had come across a posting by him on a messageboard on the internet.  His title at the time was "World's Greatest Rodeo Fan", and I liked the monicher, which every time he was referenced as such, and his comments and posts seemed worthy.  Soon, onto MySpace we connected along with several other social media, including Facebook, and I've been priviledged to follow his journey and hear his views on the Sport we mutually admire.

James Phillips at a Bull Riding James Phillips at a Bull Riding

He has been a guest reporter for many Bull Riding events and organizations.  He transitions across political lines politely, always thanking those for opportunities, and relishing in a new role.

It is no secret that he wants to ride bulls, and it's no secret that he most likely will in the near future.

It will come by setting goals.  He set a goal that he would walk without crutches at his Graduation.  Deep in his Facebook, you can see a video showing that he achieved that.

This past evening, I came across these two recent videos.  They show his first two Bareback Bronc rides.

Ride #1

Ride #2

Michael Jordan said, "Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen."  James is idubitably making it happen, and his story definitely makes me one of his greatest rodeo fans.

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