An Epic Tweet from PBR Bull Rider Ryan Dirteater...This is twitter!
Tuesday, 10 January 2012 21:23

Ryan Dirteater PBR Bull Rider Twitter

When we talk about social media, garnering followers and fans, we often forget in our quests to gain more people in our downline about why they should "follow us". In my social media consultations, I'm always suggesting engaging content, contesting and info-tainment.

As an avid-twitter endorser, I often speak about one of my favourite tweets of all time, stemming from PBR Rider Luke Snyder, which included a pic of another PBR Bull Rider Brendon Clark in the backup cam of his Ford Truck (see here)

My next favourite just was tweeted by another PBR Bull Rider, Ryan Dirteater... "@ryandirteater: This is who I'm battling tonight in Denver! @PBR @Dickies @CooperTire @ryandirteater"

My first comment was, "this is what twitter is about..." Engaging and entertaining. Behind the scenes. Exciting. Saddle up (or tie down...)

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