Growing Up With a 14-month Old
Monday, 12 December 2011 22:56

marshalleggs Marshall Attacks Scrambled Eggs

Early into my role as Marshall's Dad, I learned that it's not called "babysitting"'s parenting; and as much as I look forward to teaching him what I know about what, tonight was an exciting time for the pair of us.

I got a text message, "Marshall's Dinner: Scrambled Eggs and Ketchup".  Seems simple enough, except I only like and know how to cook eggs one way... sunny side up.  The first time I tried to scramble eggs a few years ago I asked someone how to scramble eggs.  Their answer, "you just do it like normal and chop them up".  That had a disgusting result.  A bunch of egg white bits and some yellow mounds.

Determined to hit a home run for my lil' slugger, I turned to YouTube on the iPhone, and to my delight, a 4 minute video by Chef Gordon Ramsay (Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares) popped up.  Ironically, I loooove these two shows, but can only cook Grilled Cheese, Kraft Dinner and Eggs Sunnyside Up, plus grill almost anything on a BBQ.

Following along in real-time, I was able to create the feast in 4 minutes, and they were a marvel, allegedly!

The best part about it, though was Marshall taking the fork out of my hand and using it for the first time.  I of course caught it on video...

Dim lights

Let them be little...they grow so fast.

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