Vintage Audio - the part time Radio Host
Tuesday, 06 December 2011 14:44

Joe Scully - Radio HostPart of how I got to where I am today was a dream of becoming a Radio Personality: Throwing on the headphones, hitting the remote cue, and sharing a moment with the listener-hood.  Interacting on the phones, and trying to hit a punch line on a topical anecdote.

Though I spent a year "on-air" at 1460 CJOY in Guelph (overnights Sun-Thu and voicetracked Sat-Sun evenings- 1999), I forayed into media sales and live-event production.

Since those days so long ago, I've had a few on-air moments that I've stumbled across in a search through my archives.  I've posted them for nostalgic purposes...


Clip 1: A Day at the Erin Fall Fair on Erin Community Radio (highlight reel)

Erin Community Radio was launching and had a special license to broadcast the weekend of the Erin Fall Fair.  I hosted for a few hours beside the stage.  Circa 2006

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Clip 2: AM 900 CHML Talk Show Idol (cell phone ban)
Reality Radio... I was one of the competitors in a contest to win a talk show for a week.  This topical interview was about the new legislation coming into play.  Circa 2009
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Clip 3: AM 900 CHML Talk Show Idol (bars open later)

Second stage of the contest, the topic I suggested didn't really align with the audience demographic...I was going with local...

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