Re-uniting in Benton, PA
Saturday, 16 July 2011 10:16

Heading to the next Heading to the next

When the Benton Frontier Days Celebration decided to add a PRCA Rodeo performance to their 5-day line-up, I got the call to return to the venue. 4 years ago, I was called in to do the Bull Riding performance Sunday Night. Then, it was awesome to be at the large event celebrating the nostalgia. This time, it was great to connect with some of our Rodeo Family.

The amazing thing about Facebook definitely is how people remain connected, so, almost everyone knew about Marshall, and I got to show a few of my latest iPhone pics. I caught up with many of those I've spent time with at All American Rodeo Company, Rawhide Rodeo Company and Painted Pony Championship Rodeo events, but hadn't seen in almost a year in some cases, two in others. The camaraderie we share at home definitely is duplicated with PRCA Personnel in the First Frontier.

My biggest issue of the event was a lack of cell service. Normally, I will pull up a website or two, Facebook and tweet throughout the event; but at this event, I needed to transfer my "prep" from my iPhone to my iPad. After 15 minutes of struggle, I luckily found a way to do so though iTunes saving my i@$$ !!!!!

One of the biggest unspoken compliments I have ever received was when I was re-acquainted with Hollywood Harris in our pre-show meeting. He shook my hand and introduced himself. I said, "We've worked together once before..." and instantly, "Oh yes, you're the guy with the Music!!!". I beamed a little on the inside. The Hollywood and Boogerhead show is featured all over the United States at events of all sanctioning, and Cliff has also worked the PBR for many years; yet he remembered me from that one performance from 2007.

My favorite part of the night was afterwards, sitting down for Pizza with the Simcox family. Rodeo Announcer Doug Simcox has announced the event for almost 10 years, and the committee loves him. My first year, they had a growing curve with me as they kept saying, "Doug does this...Doug does that..." and I put myself in the exact position with some of my long time committees. Doug, though definitely worthy, hasn't gone through the process to get his PRCA Announcer Card, and we worked out a method to keep him involved in the PRCA performance promoting local sponsors, nostalgia and the overall week, while I handled the rodeo portion, in a way that conforms to the Rulebook and also remaining loyal to the existing relationship. We used his equipment and all I used was my iPad, which was a nice change for me. But though we were sharing stories and talking "shop", I truly was a guest of his Family... As his wife, son and daughter all shared the great pizza and conversation. We were then joined by the President of the Committee and his right-hand man, and had a great talk about the overall event. I no longer felt like the guest I was, and I will always remember that post-show wrap-up.

It was a nice 7 hour trip there, and following the show, I embarked on my 9 hour trip to the next...however, with naps, breaks, etc. I was in Super Duty from 12:45am to 3:40pm .... Almost 15 hours! Living the dream!


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