A Sudbury Saturday Night of Azilda Proportions
Tuesday, 12 July 2011 23:52

Crowd loving the Game Show Host style of Delivery Crowd loving the Game Show Host style of Delivery

As excited as I was to return to Gator's Place in Azilda for the Extreme Events of Rodeo in support of the City of Greater Sudbury Volunteer Firefighters, the reception was just as ecstatic.  There was some confusion though, because apparently my previous posting talking about the Nostalgia of the event, was interpreted that the 2011 Event was in the past...man, www.JoeScully.com has reach and following!

This may hurt Scullz the Game Show Announcer...going to kick @$$

In addition to the Bull-Bronc-Barrel Format adopted in 2010, this event also featured another format: the Announcer-Clown, or as I like to call, Sport Commentator and Game Show Host.  Through show timing, competitor try and stock calibre, the massive Saturday Night Crowd was amped up the entire event, so much so that they stood for the last bull of the night.

The Fan of the Night reveals his painted chest Fan of the Night at the 2011 Azilda Extreme Events of Rodeo - showing chest on 3

There were some massive rides, wrecks and runs.  The acts/crowd interaction segements were solid. I made a joke to a spectator beside the announcer stand that I would give him a T-Shirt if he painted his chest with a big "J".  5 minutes later, a young man from the other side of the crowd came over to show me he had done it himself!

Rawhide Rodeo Extreme Events of Rodeo in Azilda Fan of the Night Rawhide Rodeo Extreme Events of Rodeo in Azilda Fan of the Night

Unfortunately, as I had to compete at another rodeo in Slack at 9am, this was a "one-and-done, up-and-back" excursion.  Marshall didn't get a chance to go because 4.5 hours up, 9.5 hours there and 4.5 hours back is rough travelling for a 9 month old.  In fact, it was rough travelling on a 32 year-old.  Enroute home, I pulled into a Rest Area grade, and slept for 2.5 hours behind the wheel of the truck.  I made that choice because if I had snuggled into the trailer, I would still be there...  I awoke at 5am, hands on the wheel, screaming a little...which made it easy to drive home, shower, change and race to slack... with just enough time to spare to saddle a horse.

Here's a Rodeo Road Video Blog:

Dim lights

Here's the Highlight Reel from the performance:

Dim lights

Here's the Highlight Reel from one of the "Acts":

Dim lights

Announcer-Sound-Promotion-Clown ... Do more with less and let your work gloat for you....

(oh, and I placed 2nd in the TD at the next rodeo with a 10.8 behind my brother's 9.8.  Then stood in the middle of 90 people and debated rules and politics... all on 2.5 hours sleep after a 19-hour slammed day...).

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