Who knew? Scullz loves McDonald's and McDonald's loves Scullz
Thursday, 09 June 2011 01:42

Rockin' McDonald's in a Wendy's Hat Scully and Marshall rockin' McDonald's in a Wendy's Hat

It wasn't until the latest-latest picture was posted in my chain of photopublishing - Twitter/Facebook/MySpace/Flickr/Posterous/JoeScully.com, that a comment was made, "You're love for McDonald's scares me." After reflecting on that statement and similar photos posted recently, I think it is quite true that I have a passion for the QSR, and they've showed their appreciation for me...

Since being a kid, I remember the big birthday parties in the caboose.   The Happy Meal.  The vintage McPizza (that's amore!).  The McDLT.  The changing of coffee brands.  My craziest memories were during the $2.00 Big Mac Week when I raced a colleague and had 6 in a day... over yum.... and I didn't have the same reaction as the guy Morgan in SuperSize Me...

Scully's Lovin' It at McDonald's Scully's Lovin' It at McDonald's

Proudly, I still sport my "I'm Having a McHappy Day" T-shirt from one of the "Greatest Days Ever" when I got to work at McDonald's for McHappy Day: running the drive-thru and building burgers during my tenure at a Cambridge radio station.

Happy Memories.  Great Branding.  And now progressive Social Media interaction.

Scully having a McHappy Day Scully is having a McHappy Day in 2011

On McHappy Day 2011 I tweeted a reminder about McHappy Day that was re-tweeted to 15,000 followers... and I pieced together a lil' shot for foursquare and the photopublishing chain as thanks.

At the Lindsay Benefit Rodeo in support of Camp Maple Leaf in conjunction with the All About Horses Show in Lindsay, McDonald's came by with coffee samples, and not only did I enjoy the heck of out the free coffee on a Rodeo Sunday... we also had some fun with the camera and backdrop.

McD_Canada Tweets Marshall's Pic McDonald's Canada Tweets Marshall's Pic

However, the latest photo and interaction has been by far the best.  I posted a picture of Marshall and I playing at McDonald's in Orangeville; he was posing on the sign while I attempted the picture... the caption was, "Today Marshall went to the Golden Arches @McD_Canada" ... and moments later, the picture was retweeted with the response, "Best pic of the year!  Thx Marshall ;) ..." sent to over 15,000 followers!

McDonald's delivers Big Coffee McDonald's gives free coffee away and Scully gets a lil' carried away

It is exciting as a consumer to engage with Brands, and quite rewarding when the Brand responds, especially with something that made the end-consumer burst with pride!

My other favourite restaurant is Wild Wing Restaurants, and they tweeted a picture I posted on their Facebook Fan Page of Marshall livin' large at their Orangeville location as well.

Marshall and I share a lot in common...we work effectively for free...a passion project, a labour of love... but, be sure when we saw our material tweeted by McDonald's Canada and Wild Wing Restaurants, we were thinking about going back!

Marshall's Wild Wing Tweet Marshall is a spokesperson for Wild Wing now, hahah

Be sure to tweet, re-tweet, like, thumb and share...make a consumer's day!


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