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Sunday, 01 May 2011 15:14

Ross and Lacey Wedding Shot 2011This past weekend was my brother Ross Scully and his beautiful bride Lacey's wedding in Rockwood, Ontario.  I proudly accepted the role of Wedding Reception Master of Ceremonies, in addition to Groomsman and videographer.

The venue, Rockmosa Community Centre became quite picturesque after being themed with western decor, from bales of straw all the way down to the very detailed pieces like "Lone Star of Texas" ornaments in the Alter-Arch wreath, horse shoes on the table, and so forth.  It was stunning.

The ceremony went off splendidly.

During the reception speeches, I started off with an Irish Wedding Toast, as hommage to our Irish History.

"Here's to you both, a beautiful pair,
on the birthday of your love affair.
Here's to the husband and here's to the wife,
May yourselves be lovers for the rest of your life!

If you lie, may you lie only to keep a friend,
If you cheat, may you cheat only death,
If you steal, may you steal your lover's heart,
If you drink, may you drink deeply of the joy of your new life together"

Unsure of how the speeches would unfold, I tried warming up the crowd in a few directions, and eventually factored in my website,, Facebook (, Twitter (, and even some other "partners", which eventually became the flavour of the speeches.

When it was time for the Groom's Father to speak, John Scully, even references to video on were made (see below for Rossy-bud's near-death swimming experience in the early Ross-Lacey Years).

And finally, the highlight...Ross Scully's Bride Groom Speech.  Even without the set-up, this is probably the best Groom Speech in the History of Matrimony!!!  Watch Video

The evening rocked on with most of the celebrants "closing the bar" at the conclusion of the evening.

It was a fantastic day, afternoon and evening, and definitely will remain one of the most memorable weddings for our Families!

Rossy-Bud's Wedding Speech

Dim lights

Here are a few pics from my iPhone

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Swimming and Ross Scully Don't Mix - The Video


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