Headcold kept me down
Monday, 21 February 2011 18:46
I was living large last week. I was enjoying the decent weather and then as it popped from one extreme to the other... Bam! I came down wid a code.
By Friday Night I was exhausted, wheezing and so stuffed up. I wanted to do what an old Radio friend of mine, Ron Fitzpatrick, does when he has a head cold...he burns it out. He gets his wife to take him to the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY where he gets a bucket of hot wings, hacks, coughs, gags and sweats his way through, and by the time he's done, even Tublerclurosis couldn't stand up to that attack.
Alas, no one would take me to Wild Wing-Orangeville, so I went the drug and sleep route. Almost a litre of Dayquil, a carton of Benedryl and 3 bad movies later, it's Sunday and I'm still a mess. Next came the Vick's. Finally some relief, until I left to grab something for dinner in the snowstorm...returned home with a chill and then.... AH-CHOO! Still dying.
Monday was a bit better, but I needed more help. I turned to where everyone turns...Facebook.Aside from the Cod Liver Oil tablets (which I'm sure would make me more ill...) the last reasonable advice was to put Vick's Vaporub on my feet. I googled it to find many reviews, 50-50 mixed in their satisfaction; but I did note the idea of putting socks on overtop.
2am. I take another Benedryl, sure my body is immune. I grab the Vick's Vaporub; smear it all over the places the label says to. Then, ewww, I slapped a handful on both feet, ewwww, and worked my sock over the salve-y mess, ewww. I thought to myself, it's prolly mind over matter, think positive...well at least any foot odour issues won't be from Christmas Tree Toe Guy.
Slowly I laid back... "Waaaah!". Marshall started to wake up... Bobbi yells, "Quick, go put his soother back in!". Without as much as a "Really?" I dashed in... Yup. Gooey socks and all.
I think the overpowering stench overcame him; he was up for a while, and I blog this as my feet burn, and I mean burn.... I knew somehow, a simple plan would have an @$$-backwards result!

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