The Top-13 Videos on the Internet Right Now (Scully's Favourites)
Thursday, 10 February 2011 00:37

Best Videos on the InternetOften times, whether during an event or hanging out under an awning, I will make reference to some viral videos (videos that get forwarded, copied, shared, like'd, favourite'd to millions), or some cool videos that have made the rounds in our inner circles. I try to stay on top of some of the coolest pop culture in terms of web videos, and have compiled a top-13 list of videos I've watched repeatedly in the past year or so.

When I first had High-Speed Internet hooked up, I spent hours upon hours watching YouTube videos. There is a lot of Gold, and a lot of filler. Here are some of the best below. Also, don't forget to stay tuned to my YouTube Channel,, as I am now posting a ton of content on a regular basis!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

#1 - Oprah Flash Mob
The Black Eyed Peas Song "I've Got A Feeling" was going big on mainstream radio and at events. I saw this video on the Internet (not a big Oprah Fan), and watched it about 50 times. I also watched videos on how to do the dance, though I never did try...

This one comes up a lot...a must see video that speaks volume to pop culture. It's called the "Oprah Flash Mob Dance", though it technically isn't a Flash Mob

#2 - Azilda Wreck from Fan Page Footage
Dim lights During the 2010 Rodeo Season, at Rawhide Rodeo Company Events, I promoted a "Fan Photo" contest for the Fan Page, and invited fans to engage the rodeo community by uploading videos.

One of the biggest wrecks of the season happened in Azilda, Ontario, and we were fortunate to have fan footage uploaded from both sides of the arena!

There was an outpouring of support from the fan base the night of the event, carrying through the next day on the fan page, so, I recorded a video response.

The Result... the coolest CROWDsourced video ever!

#3 - "Spooner" / Clint Smith has a huge wreck at a PBR
Dim lights Caught on Camera from a fan in the crowd, Clint Smith of Pavillion, NY / London, ON gets hung up in the tail of his Bull Rope at a PBR. The wreck seems to be never-ending, and 3-Time PBR World Champion Adriano Moraes, whom was in attendance, said that this was one of the worst wrecks he had ever seen!

Surprisingly, the rider had no broken bones or serious injuries!

#4 - Texting Fountain Lady
Dim lights This is a newer video that went viral on the Internet, but it shows the dangers of being too connected with our toys, and too disconnected from our surroundings.

She's allegedly suing over this incident...thankfully she wasn't driving at the time, what's the opposite of A.D.D.? This.

#5 - Holy &%$#!!!, It's a Bigfoot!
Dim lights
Dim lights
I have no idea how I came across the first one of these videos, but the whole series of 50+ Videos on BUTCHYKID624's Youtube Channel are worth sitting back and's addictive!

#6 - Holy &%$#!!!, It's a Camel!
Dim lights This is an hommage to BUTCHYKID624's Bigfoot Videos, that stems from a road trip where my Dad spotted a Camel on the side of the Road. Ironically, I had introduced my Dad to the Bigfoot Videos, so, hence the theme.

This was also one of the very first videos I did with my iPhone, so, I'm constantly making reference to it (in all it's 720i Gloriousness.)

#7 - Big Wreck at the Lorain County Fair
Dim lights This happened during my first year with the PRCA Announcing. This event was sensational. Of the 15 Broncs Bucked, 5 had been to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, and 2 of the contestants were in the Top-15 in the World.

This clip shows one of the freakiest accidents I've ever seen in the Arena while announcing.

#8 - Ferd Fifteen Thousand - Greatest Truck Commercial Ever
Dim lights Since the age of 12, I've been a Dennis Leary Fan.
Since the age of 31, I've been a Built Ford Tough Fan.
This ad parodies both, and it's beyond awesome.

#9 - Ed Being Very Naughty
Dim lights Once you fall off the horse (pony), you need to get back on! Ross (Rider) loves Ed (Pony). This video is a must watch from first to end! Who knew there were Cowboys in Europe!

#10 - Welland Holiday Flash Mob
Dim lights This video was filmed November 13th, 2010, and went viral at the beginning of December. Filmed at the Seaway Mall in Smelly Welly, (Welland, Ontario), this became the most watched Flash Mob Video of All-Time! Yay Canada!

#11 - Amazing Dash Cam Footage...From Guelph!
Dim lights The 401 from London to Windsor is one of the most dangerous stretches of Highway in Southern Ontario, however, the 401 between Guelph and Kitchener has to rank #2. My second year of college I saw a wreck at about the SAME PLACE as this!

This is a fluke moment, a guy who has had Insurance issues had his own dash cam installed, almost died, and captured this!

#12 - Ontario Finals Rodeo - Scully Highlights
Dim lights
This video encompasses a cool moment as my brother, Ross Scully beats the fastest time of the Year in the ORA (8.0) during the final round of the OFR. The time was a 7.8-second run. Watch the random fans start beating the glass. Awesome! (I'm announcing and running sound)
Dim lights This video encompasses a second cool moment from the OFR as my Brother Ross (the Header) and my Dad John (the Heeler) back into the box needing to be 7.5 seconds to win the OFR. My computer system calculates Go's, Aggregates, and Year-ends: Run-by-Run. It was all about the set-up...they roped a 7.2. (I'm announcing and running sound)

#13 - Comic / Video Editor / Six Figure Hobby! Natalie Tran's Community Channel
Dim lights This girl is awesome. She has a video blog that she just "makes up" on the fly, shoots; plays all the characters, edits it, and posts to YouTube. In 2010, she earned $101,000 from YouTube ads on her channel and videos. She was ranked at #10 of top YouTube earners that year. I find her stuff quite funny, and I'm jellies as all heck. (Why can't Nate and I's video go viral?)

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