Twitter Lasso'd for Cowboys...what is that Twitter deal?
Monday, 24 January 2011 02:03

Twitter Lasso'd for CowboysOften when I mention a "Twitter" or a "Tweet", I see puzzled looks, or am met with a familiar , "Huh? Y'all say what now?". Since I feel that Twitter is the best arm of Social Media going, and that if more people could understand the benefits and strengths, more people would be all over it, I've put together an exploratory posting to what Twitter is to me, Joe Scully, ProRodeo MC,, herein labeled as @RodeoAnnouncer. Because of my different roles, interests and experiences, I utilize Twitter in many ways, and perhaps one or more of these points will inspire the reader to join the Twitterverse.

Social Media's Best Kept Secret
Suprisingly, not more people are taking advantage of Twitter. In Twenty-Eleven, Canadians continue to be the leaders in online content consumption and creation. YouTube: Canadians lead per-capita vs. the entire world, Facebook: 50.23% of Canada use Facebook while only 45.28% of Americans are on Facebook, Twitter: 9% of Canadians are on Twitter while 6% of Americans Tweet. These stats are all on a per-capita basis, and with America being almost 10-times the size of Canada based on population, it explains why there isn't as much Canadian Content on the forefront. Interestingly in comparison is how at the launch of Facebook as a public social media network, Canadians outranked Americans based on numbers. Canada didn't adapt Twitter at the beginning, and though is outperforming on a per-capita basis, overall, North Americans are still not utilizing the Network as much as one would imagine.

jsdctwitterAnywhere, Anytime, Anyhow, Anyone!
In September of 2008 I created my first and main Twitter Account, @RodeoAnnouncer. Because you can sign up and begin tweeting instantly on any phone with text messaging capabilities, my first vision was being able to interact with audiences at events for at no charge to the user or myself. I was introduced to the concept by Rick Sanchez @ricksancheztv as he was reporting from a Hurricane zone, tweeting and reading viewers tweets live on CNN. Unfortunately, this would turn into a too difficult task to get live event audience members to do from scratch in a 30-second PA, but in my experimenting, I became hooked.

The main power is if you have a cell phone or an internet connection, you can "Tweet" or receive "Tweets"; either inform the world, or keep up to speed. On any cell phone (dumbphone...I mean, simplephone or smartphone), it's as easy as a text message to 21212 (Canada) or 40404 (US). On a smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Palm, etc.), a twitter application or "Twitter App" allows for the following and updating on an exponential level, and managing different twitter accounts or following different users, or groups of users ("lists").

Following: Instant Info That You Care About
Once you follow a "Tweeter", you have different options.

1. Notifications on Your Cell
every time someone you follow, and have selected to recieve mobile notifications from "tweets", you recieve that as a text message on your cell phone as a standard text message. My iPhone collects these all in one thread. I follow over 1,900 Tweeters, and I only have about 20 accounts that go directly to my cell phone as a mobile message. My personal preference is to project the following criteria for this designation: a) be interesting, b) 90%+ tweets are enjoyable, c) not an "over-tweeter" with tons of tweets a day that I don't find interesting. This is reserved for a few of these examples:
@rawhiderodeo - event by event, round by round, event by event updates
@rodeolivestock - issues relative to Animal Welfare in Sport
@katiesimpson24 - insider perspective on Toronto News as it happens
@BTtoronto - more Toronto News
@morningshowz103 - Toronto News/Sports/Weather and Entertainment
@OpieRadio, @AnthonyCumia - an extension to the Opie and Anthony Show on XM Satellite Radio channel 202
@PBRGetTough, @LukeSnyder82, @brendonclark80, @CordMcCoy, @JBMauneyJustBad, @teampbr - views, insider and more from the PBR Riders and Crew
@IamBrandonMoyer (Brandon Moyer), @Tobinater1 (Nate Fenech), @jmo3008 (Jen Morrison) - some of my Ontario, Canada buddies!
2. All the Tweets from those you follow, as they happen
your timeline showing everyone you follow, in the order of their posting. This is viewable online at your "home" or via an "app".

3. Your favourites, sorted (Twitter Lists)
With mass amounts of tweets by a large amount of people, it's difficult to sort through "what's happening" that "matters to you". As you add users, or as you review tweets, you can sort them into Twitter lists, also viewable online or via an "app". My current lists are self explanitory: rodeotypes, favourites-nonrodeotypes, work-school, satellite-radio . When I select the list, it shows me the timeline of all of the Tweeters in that category. For example, I have 1,900 + in my main timeline, but only 26 in my satellite-radio category.

Following: Emergency Information or up-to-date News

The power goes out, and you want to know who else is affected; your cellphone has no data, and you want to know if anyone else is experiencing the same issue; you're watching a sporting match and can't figure out why a call was made; you're at a concert and you want to know who else is loving it...etc.

A quick Twitter Search of your keyword term will show you what people are saying about or reporting on that keyword. This also assists you to find other people of the same interest, ie. Guelph Storm Hockey fans that you can choose to follow and interact with.

Following: News, Humour, Pictures, Videos, Links to Articles, Viral Conversations = ENTERTAINMENT
As you begin to Follow People, you'll begin to have your own criteria for lists, alerts, etc., based on what their content is. It could be: daily weather, daily horoscopes, traffic alerts, random pictures that people have stumbled across that carry a theme one is interested in, a favourite blog has been updated, videos posted, etc. Or even a viral conversation, usually using a Hashtag. If a user clicks on a hashtag online or in an "app", it will open a special timeline for that hashtag word. These pop up, and some people only use twitter to "play" with hashtags...

My favourite of alltime: #seinfeldderbyhorsenames popped up during the week leading into the Kentuck Derby. Some of the great names the Twitterverse came up with was: Yada Yada Yada, NOSOUPFORYOU, Mudda's a Mudda, The Soup Nazi, Bob Sacamano, Puffy Shirt, Rochelle Rochelle, Master of My Domain, Handicap Spot, Man Hands, Tropic of Cancer, Hellllooooo!, Festivus for the Restofus, The Maestro, Sponge-Worthy, Bubble Boy, The Dingo Ate Yo Baby, Low Talker, Art Vandaley, Vandaley Industries, etc.

Luke Snyder and Brendon Clark post the best Twitter Picture Ever

One of my favourite tweets of all time came from @LukeSnyder82 and @brendonclark80, as they were traveling together...
@LukeSnyder82 "I almost backed up to far in my new @fordtrucks & ran over @brendonclark80!"

Publishing: Tweeting to your Followers
The key from day #1 is to realize the purpose of your Twitter account. As you become more enthralled into the Twitterverse, then you can actually even effectively utilize different twitters for different interests. Your timeline shows potential followers what your "tweets" are all about, and from that will decide whether or not they will follow you. My interests include: Rodeo, Animal Welfare, Social Media and Technology, and my personality (I think, haha) exudes humour, and I'm interested in Irony. My main goal is to build awareness of my brand, Joe Scully, ProRodeo MC, of which my services focus on Rodeo Announcing, and my strengths include quick-wit, technology, and style. So, I utilize my "tweets" to create a familiarty with my content and its source, and to build/earn a trust so that when I post a link to content, especially my own content at, there will be a high rate of click-throughs. This is carried forward so that the same users will repeat the action in the future.

To build my brand, I effectively utilize several different online media: Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, my own domain, plus many more...and I have it arranged that they're "powered" by my Twitter. Bringing it all together, a picture, video or even just a note origination from my iPhone is posted instantly to numerous places on the internet...all from a Tweet.

How To Get Started With Twitter Today!

EZ How-To to Get Instant Twitter Updates (Tweets) from @RodeoAnnouncer on your Cell Phone

1. Send “follow RodeoAnnouncer” (without quotes) to 21212 (Canadian) or 40404 (American) via SMS on your cell phone
2. Twitter will send you a reply and ask you to reply with the word 'SIGNUP' to create a new account. Reply with “SIGNUP” (without quotes) / send “SIGNUP” (without quotes) to 21212 (Canadian) or 40404 (American) via SMS on your cell phone
Sign Up for Twitter
3. Next, Twitter will ask you to pick a username. Your username must be unique and less than 15 characters. Reply with the username you want. (can not be the same as someone else’s)
First Tweet Example
4. You will get a confirmation message when you pick a unique username (Twitter will tell you to pick a new name if someone else has the username you wanted).

5. You're all set! You will now instantly receive tweets from RodeoAnnouncer. You can also send a message and it will post as your first Tweet on your new Twitter Profile,

Becoming a Full Twitterer

Now that you’re on Twitter, you may want to create a full profile from a computer at some point (not required, though).

1. Go to from a computer
2. Click “Sign In” in the top-right of the screen
3. Hit “Already Using Twitter on your Phone”alreadyphone

4. Follow the steps from there to fully launch your Twitter Account

Some of the Aforementioned and Other Interesting Tweeters

Twitter is kind of like a scavenger hunt: you'll never know what's around the corner! Here are 40 Twitter Accounts that I follow...

Rodeo & PBR
@rodeoannouncer - MY BIG TWITTER!
@teampbr - PBR Bull Rider - a real behind the scenes!
@rawhiderodeo - event by event, round by round, event by event updates from Rawhide Rodeo
@PBRGetTough - PBR Videos and Updates from Cowboy Dave
@rodeolivestock - issues relative to Animal Welfare in Sport
@speedroping - World Champion Speed Williams
@LukeSnyder82 - PBR Bull Rider - a real behind the scenes!
@JBMauneyJustBad - PBR Bull Rider - a real behind the scenes!
@CowboySpiritTV - youtube for cowboys!
@CordMcCoy - PBR Bull Rider - a real behind the scenes!
@brendonclark80 - PBR Bull Rider - a real behind the scenes!
@BuckersNow - new rodeo social media site
@Chicken07Champ - PBR Bull..Yeah, Bull!! - a real behind the scenes!
@Flintrass - PBR Barrelman / Entertainer
@Makin8 - rodeo website with online radio shows and video coverage of events

Toronto/Canadian Media
@TheChrisBiggs - Former Z103.5 Host, Former Virgin 99.9 Host, now a 97.7 Htz FM Host
@morningshowz103 - Toronto News/Sports/Weather and Entertainment
@katiesimpson24 - insider perspective on Toronto News as it happens from Assignment Editor
@Bttoronto - more Toronto News from Breakfast Television
@Miss_Pina - CHUM FM Announcer, and former neighbour
@rickmercer - a CBC Icon
@WBrettWilson - one of the Dragon's from Dragon's Den
@ArleneDickinson - one of the Dragon's from Dragon's Den

Satellite Radio
@OpieRadio - Opie of the Opie and Anthony Show on XM Satellite Radio channel 202
@AnthonyCumia - Anthony of the Opie and Anthony Show on XM Satellite Radio channel 202
@JimNorton - lil' Jimmy Norton, comic and voice on O&A
@notsam - a producer on Opie and Anthony
@erockradio - a producer on Opie and Anthony
@202friends - about the Ron and Fez Show on 202
@robertkelly - a comic sometimes appearing on O&A

@IamBrandonMoyer - Brandon Moyer, a pal from Canada!
@jmo3008 - Jen Morrison, a pal from Canada
@TMcNics - Tanya McNicol, a pal from Canada
@Tobinater1 - Nate Fenech, a pal from Canada
@stylincowgirl - Shawna Dochery, a pal formerly from Canada
@rainnwilson - "Dwight Schrute" from "The Office"; sometimes tweets in Character
@RealMonsterJam - Monster Jam News
@ricksancheztv - the CNN Guy that got me "into" twitter
@RyanSeacrest - American Top 20 and American Idol Host
@marketingveep - social media expert
@SharonHayes - a social media expert