Team Canada at IFR 41 - Saturday Night Recap (Updated)
Sunday, 16 January 2011 00:00


The online feed provided by's chatroom was quite excited for the 3rd Round of IFR 41. Canadians dominated the conversation with well wishes for their favourite contenders. There were ups and downs, and either way, entertainment through thrills, spills, sorrow, guts, love and glory was experienced!

Saturday Night Crib Notes:

(Updated...IPRA posted Round 3 Results during Round 4 Opening)

In Bareback Bronc Riding, Gaetan Bernard (Alberta) had a good round, posting an 80-point ride to place 3rd in the Round, and to drop from 1st to 2nd in the Aggregate. Pat Legault (Quebec) scored a 72, was awarded a re-ride, came back with a 77. Christian Bilodeau (Quebec) had a qualified ride scored in the 70's and Danian Nutt (Ontario) was scored a 63.5 on his first bronc, was offered a re-ride and scored a 71 on his second. Sylvain Meuneir (Quebec) was turned out due to the injury sustained in the 2nd Go-Round. Josh Crager of Tennessee won his second consecutive round with an 88.5-point Ride.

In Steer Wrestling, Rod Weese (Ontario) switched horses after bulldogging farther down the pen in the first two rounds. Unfortunately, the equine partner switch didn't assist, he received a No-Time. Walt Sherry (Oklahoma) won the round with a 3.5.

In Team Roping, Jarod Nooren (Ontario) and his partner Wendell Stanley (Oklahoma) had a 5.9 plus 15 for one leg and a broken barrier. Ross Scully (Ontario) and Adam Schlecthy (Ohio) had a decent 7.7, but unfortunately had an illegal head catch (front leg in loop, allegedly) resulting in a No-Time. Casey Hicks and Wade Freeney (Oklahoma) won with a 4.5-second run.

In Saddle Bronc Riding, Rod Weese (Ontario) was the sole Canadian on the board with a 74.5-point ride. Peter Hallman (Ontario), Mathieu Tourigny (Quebec) were bucked off. Luc Cloutier (Quebec) was disqualified for a missed mark-out. Will Abshure (Arkansas) won with a 79.

In Tiedown Roping, Ross Scully and Jarod Nooren (Ontario) both failed to post a time. PJ Spencer (Oklahoma) won with an 8.0.

In Barrel Racing, Sindy Laliberte (Quebec) ran a 15.512 to continue her lead in the Aggregate. Edesse Descoteaux (Quebec) ran a 15.612 to sit second in the Aggregate. Jill Hayes (Florida) won with a 15.063.

Bull Riding had Sylvain Champagne (Quebec) being hero of the game with a 79 to take the lead of the Aggregate in the event at IFR 41. Luke McCoag (Ontario) had a huge 84-point ride to tie for the win of the round. Clint Smith and Ian Charman (Ontario) both bucked off. This set the internet chat "off". Nathan Tull (Oklahoma) tied with McCoag for the 3rd Go-Round Win. clintsmithbuckoff

So, going to recap Gaetan Bernard (Alberta) is 2nd in the Aggregate in the Bareback, Sindy LaLiberte and Edesse Descoteaux (Quebec) are 1st and 2nd in the Aggregate in the Barrel Racing and Sylvain Champagne (Quebec) leads the Aggregate in the Bull Riding. C'est Parti, ride-ride-ride, vive le Quebec!

Round #4 is at 1:30pm Central Standard Time / 2:30pm Eastern Standard Time Sunday Afternoon available online: here.

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Bareback Bronc
Danian Nutt, Parkhill, Ontario, 4th in IPRA, 15th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings
Pat Legault, Ste. Barbe, Quebec, 5th in IPRA, 6th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings
Christian Bilodeau, St. Lin-Laurentides, Quebec, 7th in IPRA, 13th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings
Sylvain Meunier, St. Polycarpe, Quebec, 9th in IPRA, 14th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings
Gaetan Bernard, Erkshine, Alberta, 11th in IPRA, 3th in IFR, $937.5 in IFR41 Earnings

Steer Wrestling
Rod Weese, Alvinston, Ontario, 15th in IPRA, 12th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings

Team Roping
Ross Scully, Rockwood, Ontario w/ Adam Schlechty, Ansonia, OH, 7th in IPRA, 12th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings
Jarod Nooren, St. Thomas, Ontario w/ Wendall Stanley, Wagoner, OK, 11th in IPRA, 4th in IFR, $625 in IFR41 Earnings

Saddle Bronc Riding
Rod Weese, Alvinson, Ontario, 8th in IPRA, 6th in IFR, $312.5 in IFR41 Earnings
Luc Cloutier, Ste. Tite, Quebec, 9th in IPRA, 8th in IFR, $156.25 in IFR41 Earnings
Mathieu Tourigny, Actonvale, Quebec, 12th in IPRA, 13/15th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings
Peter Hallman, New Hamburg, Ontario, 15th in IPRA, 12th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings

Tiedown Roping
Jarod Nooren, St. Thomas, Ontario, 3th in IPRA, 7th in IFR, $104.17 in IFR41 Earnings
Ross Scully, Rockwood, Ontario, 10th in IPRA, 13th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings

Barrel Racing
Sindy Laliberte, Valcartier, Quebec, 4th in IPRA, 1th in IFR, $1250 in IFR41 Earnings
Edesse Descoteaux, Lorrainville, Quebec, 8th in IPRA, 2th in IFR, $312.5 in IFR41 Earnings

Bull Riding
Luke McCoag, Queensville, Ontario, 4th in IPRA, 6th in IFR, $1250 in IFR41 Earnings
Ian Charman, Pontypool, Ontario, 6th in IPRA, 10/15th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings
Clint Smith, London, Ontario, 11th in IPRA, 5th in IFR, $1250 in IFR41 Earnings
Sylvain Champagne, Ste-Julienne, Quebec, 4th in IPRA, 1th in IFR, $625 in IFR41 Earnings

IFR Earnings After Round 3
Clint Smith, London, Ontario: $1250
Luke McCoag, Queensville, Ontario: $1250
Sindy Laliberte, Valcartier, Quebec: $1250
Gaetan Bernard, Erkshine, Alberta: $937.5
Jarod Nooren, St. Thomas, Ontario: $729.17
Sylvain Champagne, Ste-Julienne, Quebec: $625
Edesse Descoteaux, Lorrainville, Quebec: $312.5
Rod Weese, Alvinson, Ontario: $312.5
Luc Cloutier, Ste. Tite, Quebec: $156.25
Christian Bilodeau, St. Lin-Laurentides, Quebec: $0
Danian Nutt, Parkhill, Ontario: $0
Ian Charman, Pontypool, Ontario: $0
Mathieu Tourigny, Actonvale, Quebec: $0
Pat Legault, Ste. Barbe, Quebec: $0
Peter Hallman, New Hamburg, Ontario: $0
Ross Scully, Rockwood, Ontario: $0
Sylvain Meunier, St. Polycarpe, Quebec: $0

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