Team Canada at IFR 41 - Friday Night Recap
Saturday, 15 January 2011 14:59

ifr41rnd1January 14th through 16th, 2011 brings us the International Professional Rodeo Association's International Finals Rodeo in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma as the top-15 in the IPRA World Standings compete in efforts to win the IFR Aggregate Title and/or ultimately IPRA World Champion in their event or discipline.

As the tradition has become, will present the Canadian Perspective on the un-official "Team Canada" at the IFR.

At the 41st International Finals Rodeo, 17 Canadians qualified for 20 Positions in 2011.

Friday Night Canadian Crib Notes:

In Bareback Riding, Parkhill, Ontario's Danian Nutt had an awesome ride, but bucked off. Fellow Canadaan Sylvain Meunier grabbed a 3rd. Billy Griffin won the round with a big 83.

In Steer Wrestling, they accidentally let Alvinston, Ontario's Rod Weese's steer out. He got an alternate steer, was way late and had go to the end of the pen: 7.6. Jeff Miller won with a 3.5.

Over in Team Roping, St. Thomas, Ontario's Jarod Nooren teamed up with Oklahoman Wendall Stanley... Nooren fished his loop, Wendell doubled. 12.2. Rockwood, Ontario's Ross Scully paired with Ohio's Adam Schlecty for a 6.7. Jason Tucker and Kyle Horton won with a 5.4

In Saddle Bronc Riding, big intro on bucking horse under Peter Hallman. His bronc walked to Pickup Horse. RE-ride. He got a different horse, and it laid down in chute. rolled ahead. Eventually was bucked off. Quebec's Mathieu Tourigny, and Luc Cloutier both bucked off, along side Ontario's Rod Weese, off a really rank horse. Stacey Belt won with an 80.5

Into Tiedown Roping, Ross Scully was 11.4 on a calf that went way left, Jarod Nooren tied for 4th with a 10.2, and Trent Johnson won with a 9.4

In Cowgirl Barrel Racing, the two Quebec Barrel Racers Sindy Laliberte and Edesse Descoteaux did well, Descoteaux placed fourth with a 15.463 and Sindy Laliberte won with a 15.385!

Lasty, Bull Riding: Quebec's Sylvain Champagne got two covered the first- a spinner that leveled out: 68.5 w/option, took reride that went all over the arena, and was scored a 71.5. Then London, Ontario's Clint Smith won the round with a huge 85.5 ("Spooner" does it in the Sooner State)

Also in the Bull Riding: Ontario's Ian Charman - BO (amazing spinning bull, and headhunter), Ontario's Luke McCoag - BO (spinner dropped shoulder), Pennsylvania's Michael Bodick (a Canadian regular) scored an 81 to place 2nd in the round and to move from 2nd to 1st in the World Standings(slow, drop, spin)..

IFR Rankings for "Team Canada" after Round #1
Bareback Bronc Riding
Danian Nutt, Parkhill, Ontario, 4th in IPRA, 11/15th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings
Pat Legault, Ste. Barbe, Quebec, 5th in IPRA, 7th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings
Christian Bilodeau, St. Lin-Laurentides, Quebec, 7th in IPRA, 11/15th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings
Sylvain Meunier, St. Polycarpe, Quebec, 8th in IPRA, 8th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings
Gaetan Bernard, Erkshine, Alberta, 12th in IPRA, 3/4th in IFR, $468.75 in IFR41 Earnings

Steer Wrestling
Rod Weese, Alvinston, Ontario, 14th in IPRA, 11th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings

Team Roping
Ross Scully, Rockwood, Ontario w/ Adam Schlechty, Ansonia, OH, 6th in IPRA, 6th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings
Jarod Nooren, St. Thomas, Ontario w/ Wendall Stanley, Wagoner, OK, 14th in IPRA, 10/11th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings

Saddle Bronc Riding
Rod Weese, Alvinson, Ontario, 7th in IPRA, 6/15th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings
Luc Cloutier, Ste. Tite, Quebec, 8th in IPRA, 6/15th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings
Mathieu Tourigny, Actonvale, Quebec, 12th in IPRA, 6/15th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings
Peter Hallman, New Hamburg, Ontario, 15th in IPRA, 6/15th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings

Tiedown Roping
Jarod Nooren, St. Thomas, Ontario, 3th in IPRA, 4/6th in IFR, $104.17 in IFR41 Earnings
Ross Scully, Rockwood, Ontario, 8th in IPRA, 9th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings

Barrel Racing
Sindy Laliberte, Valcartier, Quebec, 4th in IPRA, 1th in IFR, $1250 in IFR41 Earnings
Edesse Descoteaux, Lorrainville, Quebec, 7th in IPRA, 4th in IFR, $312.5 in IFR41 Earnings

Bull Riding
Luke McCoag, Queensville, Ontario, 4th in IPRA, 6/15th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings
Ian Charman, Pontypool, Ontario, 6th in IPRA, 6/15th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings
Clint Smith, London, Ontario, 11th in IPRA, 1th in IFR, $1250 in IFR41 Earnings
Sylvain Champagne, Ste-Julienne, Quebec, 14th in IPRA, 5th in IFR, $0 in IFR41 Earnings

IFR Earnings after Round #1
Clint Smith, London, Ontario: $1250
Sindy Laliberte, Valcartier, Quebec: $1250
Gaetan Bernard, Erkshine, Alberta: $468.70
Edesse Descoteaux, Lorrainville, Quebec: $312.5
Jarod Nooren, St. Thomas, Ontario: $104.17
Christian Bilodeau, St. Lin-Laurentides, Quebec: $0
Danian Nutt, Parkhill, Ontario: $0
Ian Charman, Pontypool, Ontario: $0
Luc Cloutier, Ste. Tite, Quebec: $0
Luke McCoag, Queensville, Ontario: $0
Mathieu Tourigny, Actonvale, Quebec: $0
Pat Legault, Ste. Barbe, Quebec: $0
Peter Hallman, New Hamburg, Ontario: $0
Rod Weese, Alvinson, Ontario: $0
Ross Scully, Rockwood, Ontario: $0
Sylvain Meunier, St. Polycarpe, Quebec: $0
Sylvain Champagne, Ste-Julienne, Quebec: $0

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