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Friday, 10 December 2010 20:53

Joe Scully wins award for 4th Time

In December of 2010, I again was awarded the Mick Flick Memorial Award, presented annually to the "Cowboy Most Representative of Rodeo" in the Ontario Rodeo Association.

Mick Flick was a New York State cowboy who spent a lot of time in the Ontario Rodeo Association as an avid competitor, and transitioned to also become a stoic judge. Tragically, Mick was diagnosed with cancer in August of 1972, and fought for 27 months until his passing in November of 1974. Since his passing, the award in his honour has been presented 37-times to 29 different recipients.

It is quite an honour to receive this award, and as I reflect upon the names of former recipients on the large plaque, my name is among good company. Each year, I like to reminisce on some of my fellow award winners' names and years of reciept. Most may be noted as an award winner for a recognizable contribution, exemplary sportsmanship, conduct most becoming of a cowboy, bolstering and garnering new contenders to competition, or simply overall honourable recognition worthy by encompassing Cowboy Spirit.

Joe Scully wins the Mick Flick Award for the 3rd Time

In 2008, I became the first to receive the award three times, breaking the tie I was in with 7-other former recipients that had been awarded the award twice.

And in 2010, I was awarded this award for a fourth time.

I would like to thank those that nominated me, and of course, those that voted for me. Though my desire from the beginning hasn't included being a recipient of an an award for my philanthropy, I will continue along the course that I've been destined for, in the direction I've been foraging for the past 17+ years as an entertainer, sport representative and competitor.

Often asked my motives or mandate, I simply can present as the following:

» To grow our Association on all levels: from the Contestant roster, to the Event Schedule, to the Sponsorship support, and the Spectator recognition
» To showcase the strengths of our Organization, its history, and the calibre, quality and determination of our competitors
» To feature the great stories of our Animal Athletes
» To present Rodeo as a mainstream Action Sport featuring the Western Lifestyle and Strong Family Values
» To saddle up no matter what, and Nod To Win every time

2011 will bring new challenges, new opportunities, new friends and new memories. We're ready.

List of ORA Mick Flick Memorial Award Recipients (1974-2010)

1974 Tim Koelln
1975 John MacKenzie
1976 Jerry Kinsella
1977 Barry Ellis
1978 Fred MacKenzie
1979 Eric DeGroote
1980 Joe Alexander
1981 Gaylon Smith
1982 Barry Thomson
1983 Barry Thomson
1984 Don Lawrence
1985 Rick Parker
1986 Bill Leggette
1987 Bill Leggette
1988 Terry Dunk / Marcel Rivard
1989 Marcel Rivard
1990 Terry Dunk
1991 Paul Cooper
1992 Joe Leggette
1993 Joe Leggette
1994 Bob Baker
1995 Neil Roberts
1996 Steve Hallman
1997 Greg Hines
1998 Ross Millar
1999 Ed Walls
2000 Ross Millar
2001 Joe Alexander
2002 Steve Fisher
2003 Ken Doner
2004 BJ Prince
2005 Ed DeWetering
2006 Joe Scully / Alex Dunseith
2007 Joe Scully
2008 Joe Scully
2009 Jake Walker
2010 Joe Scully