Ontario Rodeo Association Awards Banquet Presentation
Tuesday, 30 November 2010 08:22

Banquet Powerpoint ThumbnailAt the request of a few people in attendance, I've posted the pictures and original "intended" audio for the ORA 2010 Season Awards Banquet.

I pre-recorded everything the night before with the intentions of just hitting buttons and assisting with the "production".  In the morning, I had forgotten my good laptop, so, I used my "not so good" laptop to try the presentation, and it corrupt the file.

Thankfully, during dinner, my good buddy BJ Prince drove to my house, transferred another copy to my good laptop, and brought it to the reception.  The audio didn't work, though.

In hindsight, doing the bios live had way more energy and entertainment...but the pre-recorded piece is perfect for an online recap...so, I'm sharing as promised!

Click the Image to watch the Visual Presentation from the 2010 ORA Season Awards Banquet (or Click Here)