Fired up for Chesterville, Ontario (Upper Canada Rodeo)
Tuesday, 15 June 2010 22:05


As the 2010 Rawhide Rodeo Tour commences into high gear, we have had some great events to date in Eastern Canada. Lindsay, Ontario acted as summer season opener where we saw an 8.1-second Tiedown Roping run and an 83-point Bull Ride. Onwards to Erin, Ontario, the stock bucked rank-rank and saw lots of prize money awarded to the Toughest and the Fastest in the "Richest Open-Season Rodeo in Ontario". Next to Owen Sound, Ontario. It was in Grey County that we really saw the disconnect between stock and rider, and just what calibre of Animal Athletes Rawhide Rodeo Company Canada is featuring this year.


The one thing production-types look for is crowds...size, reaction, hospitality, etc. Both Lindsay and Erin had strong opening days, Owen Sound had a packed grandstand. As we venture to Chesterville, Ontario next for the Upper Canada Rodeo, it looks like records will be set.

The early scouting report: vendor spaces are sold out. Additional seating is on order. Advance tickets are a scarce commodity as the community and surrounding areas are clammering to get their tickets to this inaugural Professional Rodeo.


So far this season, Chesterville's Upper Canada Rodeo has been a buzz on the world wide web. One of the strengths of is the additional awareness and web traffic that it generates for events. Some events may not have exclusive websites for the Rodeo / Western Action Sports Events, and for over 6 years, becomes an additional portal for event promotion.

One extremely interesting statistic to look at is the traffic to related to keywords surrounding Chesterville's Upper Canada Rodeo. Since the start of 2010, over 243 visitors have landed on looking for information on this event. That number is over 3-times the second event-related keyword source, the 2010 IPRA Canadian Finals Rodeo in London, Ontario. Surprising is that there already is a website for the rodeo, and other well established websites promoting the event as well.


Based on the numbers, based on the advance sales, this event is going to be huge. We're super-stoked to venture East this weekend!