Another Year Older
Thursday, 07 September 2006 14:22
September 7th...the big Birthday. A great day...knowing that I've made it another year.
Cool presents..."The Office" Season 1 fav show...GPS Navigator...amazing as I get lost going to Tim Horton's...PSN Subscription....nyce!
I got to celebrate roping off another horse my sister trained...the first one I competed on all winter to win the Roping Association of Ontario Heading Horse of the Year and I won the #3 Team Roping Finals on (highest division...1-beginner, 2-medium, 3-pro)...her latest edition is a tiedown horse that does reigning horse stops. It was pretty cool...had one of my best runs on the ground yet. 
Had some MGD's with the folks. Mixed nice with my JD+Cokes I had with lunch. I had 48 "Happy Birthday's" on MySpace another half dozen in advance...was cool.
My fav "Happy Birthday" on MySpace came from Jenna Fischer...with over 39,000 friends, she still went to my MySpace, commented on my profile, and she likes my Profile Artist, Corb Lund too!!! Ho-lee! (big co-incidence that I got the Office Season 1 on DVD for my b-day, and the starring actress signed my "space" on the same day?...hmmm...weird!!!)"Happy Birthday Scully! And GREAT profile song! Corb Lund is amazing. Love your site. All the best, Jenna"...rowrr!
I feel like it's New Years, or I need to make some resolutions or something. Forget that. I have plans...big plans. Just like I do every other day, plan to take over the world!!!
Thanks for wishing me a happy b-day, if you did. If you didn't, it's all good...
Now it's just a little wierd seeing that big 28 on my profile...