43 Performances, 22 Cities, 15 weeks...Summer Season Concludes
Wednesday, 06 September 2006 14:21

It's cool to finally be home for a few days...chillin', relaxin', before I start cleanin' and unpackin'.

This past summer was pretty intense...and long, it seemed...covering 22 cities from May 27th through September 4th, 2006 with theNorth American Professional Cowboys Extreme Tour, including the Ontario Rodeo AssociationAssociation des Cowboys De L'Est du CanadaInternational Professional Rodeo Association and Ontario High School Rodeo Association. Announcing 43 Performances, competing in 14 Rodeos, and travelling an estimated 14,500 kilometres resulted in tons of stories, a ton of "highs" and a few "lows".

Competing...I Tie-down Roped the best I've ever been...9's, 10's, and getting off the horse pretty quick. Tying has been a touch poor, but that will improve with some practice this fall. Team Roping was pretty solid, held the fastest time of the year for quite a few weeks. From Half-way through the season to 3/4's, I hit a slump, but then started grabbing cheques again to close out.

Commuting...not so good. Jack-knifed my rig driving across a muddy grounds and rear-ended the arena trailer during a rainstorm in a small town.

Announcing...pretty solid. I was thrown "wrenches", and what would normally "freak me out", I was able to calmly approach and continue with...ie. re-rides, turn-outs, re-draws...usually pretty hard to rectify in a hurry when commentating and running sound. Had some great "back-and-forths" with the rodeo clown...and he's using a number of my "Scully-isms" in his sketches full-time...plagarism and copyright is fair game in the clown world...hehe.

Life...pretty fun. Was the butt of a few practical jokes, but am slowly "serial-killer-ing" those involved back, one-by-one. Lots of great times killing time...including bear hunts, road trips, late-night breakfasts and group dinners.

I lost 10 pounds over the summer, and became more seasoned at my crafts. Qualified for the finals in both events, I think, and have been asked to submit a tender for my 3rd year announcing the event.

I'm looking forward to our next group of events, and almost can't wait to get back on the "Rodeo Road" again. Just not too soon...I have a birthday to celebrate.