Back from Burford, Off to Bracebridge and North Bay
Monday, 10 July 2006 14:19
3/4's of a day at home, then I'm out for another 2 events of theĀ North American Professional Cowboys Extreme Tour.
Burford last weekend had me donating fees...I missed my calf again in Tiedown Roping, my one heeler missed (I turned it quick, too), and my other Heeler singled...and I broke out.
The numbers rolled in...6.4 plus 5, plus 10. 8th for the event.
Had it been clean...we'd have won.
Clean on the barrier, plus five...we'd have been third
It was my first busted barrier in Team Roping after like 7 events/14 runs, so I guess it was bound to happen. My brother said I stretched it on my first run, and should have asked to get it re-tied as my runs were back to back...oh well.
Other than that, it was a good rodeo, some tough rough stock with some ties for 2nd in Bulls and Broncs...and some quick runs in the timed events.
Tomorrow, I head to Bracebridge, Ontario for an Extreme Event Wednesday night, then off to North Bay, Ontario for the North Bay Western Rodeo Festival 2006...with $1,500 added per event and $100 fees; it will pay like a slot machine, and I think my luck is going to change....hopefully.