Another rodeo kinda roping: the same
Tuesday, 04 July 2006 14:18
Home from "Cowboy Christmas", the longest week of Rodeo in North America, where contestants rodeo from like Thursday through to Tuesday at a "gazillion" events.
My event was in Stratford, Ontario.
It was a good one; bulls bucked hard, only like 4 rides for 25 guys.
Some good roping...9 something in tiedown and 6.4 in team. 
I roped the panel in tiedown...maybe a lazy swing, maybe the hardcore wind...but I freaked out thinking I was going to be in a wreck and just threw it.
In Team Roping, I cranked a steer over the barrier in on one run and my heeler missed. On my other run, I roped nice horns quick, but my figure 8 kept whipping around for an illegal catch...nt (No Time or Nice Try)
Crowds were good, with the Sunday Crowd just "Rockin'".
Big Rodeo Dance weekend. Expensive with $1.06/litre fuel...but atleast it was only about 2 hours from home, not a gazillion...