Jynxed in Shannonville
Friday, 09 June 2006 14:14

I write today's blog in my Trailer...heat cranked, Blackberry as a modem for my Laptop.

The NAPC Extreme Tour Touches Down in Shannonville for a big Rodeo Weekend. I'm excited for another feature event...but this area has a jynx on me... Venturing back about 20 years, a rodeo was here, and I was just a kid. Playing along the river with some other young kids, a Water Snake stuck up it's head...and a kid threw a rock at it, hit me instead, gave me a concussion and a cut that should have been treated with stitches...but I was equally terrified of snakes and stitches, so Detorol was the cure. 15 years later, clowning here in the mud, I got my barrel stuck in the mud and rolled it over my ankle, spraining it. Then, I got my S10 stuck, and had to be pulled out with...not a truck...not a tractor....a 4wheeler...yes, a regular ATV. Nice. 4 years later, announcing and competing in the slack, I suffered from severe heat exhaustion, and was 1 second away from fainting. Now...to the present.... The rain has been coming down, and the field is muddy. They made a roadway out of sand, and had a huge pile at the end of the "roadway". Reluctant at first, I was instructed to drive down the "roadway" in the dumptruck tracks as far as I could. Hammering down, I got rolling, and things were going smoothly...not throwing too much mud, I was making it down the "roadway". 25' from the big pile of dirt, I began to turn right, to start the rest of my trek on the grass. 20'...still going straight....15'...still straight....10'...truck grabs, trailer pushes hard, and a wreck is imminent. trying to steer out of, pumping the brakes...8' is the magic mark, truck stops..trailer doesn't, jackknife continues. Momentum finally slows down, I look over my right shoulder and see the front of my trailer getting closer to the back of the truck. Just as everything comes to a stop...I hear creak, and watch glass go everywhere. I had to get pulled out of the jacknife, as the truck was stuck in mud. Damage report: creased body on the cab...smashed back window...though it has a slider, apparently it's all one piece that's sealed, and I will have to replace the whole thing. It currently has a garbage bag duct taped in place, while I await what I'm to do next. This happened just short of 5, and by the time I calmed down, all the Glass Places were closed...5:30. I've made money at this rodeo before, and I compete better when I have a little anger in me, so we'll see how it pans out. Still raining...still sulking...forecast calls for 15 degree celcius and sun and cloud all weekend, so, atleast it seems the worst is over. Lates, Scully