Another Rodeo Weekend in the Books...almost the champ, but it's all good.
Wednesday, 07 June 2006 14:13

Last weekend had the North American Professional Cowboys Extreme Tour in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada for the 20th Annual Kiwanis Club Rodeo.

I was pretty excited, as it was my first Pro Rodeo of the Season to announce; prior to this, I had about 12 High School Rodeo Performances since our last feature event, and I announced the Ontario High School Rodeo Association Finals the same day as I competed in our Tour's first event.

We had really responsive crowds both days, and our Rodeo Clown Timmy Johnson, of MD, and I worked them pretty well, and had a ton of fun.

Saturday had drizzle throughout the show, and then a downpour right before slack...when I was competing. My Brother has been roping on my regular heading horse, so he faded when I through my first loop, causing me to miss my slack and locking onto one horn. No Time. I was prepared on my second run, threw right over the barrier and went right to the horn. My heeler had a nice shot, but he was pretty late, so we ended up circling, and he missed.

In the now 59*F frigid weather, and monsoon rain, it was time to Tiedown Rope. Using a horse that I hadn't been on in quite some time, I broke too early, and set the horse at the barrier. Knowing I was not going to get a good shot down the pen (I don't like bailing off a horse at the end at a full out run...), I threw "The Bomb", and caught a stride out of the box. I ended up second for the weekend, which was surprising as some of the best ropers in the region roped on the Sunday, all with ideal weather conditions.

Busy week this week...all over the Province, and set to head to Belleville, Ontario this weekend for stop #3!