A Championship Weekend for All...but me, I guess...
Tuesday, 30 May 2006 14:12
A Marathon of Rodeo took place this past weekend, which really put me into high gear for the season...
First up, "The Great Markham Rodeo" on Saturday. Two perfs, one at 10am and one at 4pm. I was up in the 10am show so I could make it to the next one that day...my Dad missed on one team run, I broke out, my partner singled, and I got a day-long slow flag on my second run, so no winning there. Tiedown Roping was amazing as the first roper went out and was 9.1. Everyone was going for it and didn't come close...except one guy who was 11. That one guy was not me. I don't think you could even call my shot "close". 
It was a good show, though, and they had a ton of people to watch a 10am rodeo. I hopped in the truck and hammered down to the next one. 
Rodeo #2 at 4pm was the 1st go of the OHSRA finals. Arriving at about 2pm, I raced to set-up, get organized, and I was at 100% by 3pm. Pretty good timing, and by this time I had already forgotten about my poor roping earlier in the am.
It was a sweet show, a ton of runs, and the Rough Stock was pristine...no rides in both broncs, and only 2 rides in the Bulls.
There was a bit of a shin-dig afterwards which was aiiight, and then home to bed.
show #2 was equally exciting, with the year-end at stake in a number of events...in addition to the finals. I also tried out two new things I want to do at our regular shows that worked out well. 
Following the go, it took about 1.5 hours to total everything up...and then we presented over 40 buckles to the finals and year-end champions.
It was pretty wild...though the temperature was hot, the weather was perfect, and I got to watch 3 great rodeo performances and announce 2 of them. the only thing that could have made it better would have been a paycheque from roping...but then sometimes, you can't win them all...muhaha.
Next stop, Peterborough...(Peanut Butter), Ontario! It's going to be gold...our 20th consecutive year inside the city.