Championship Sunday
Tuesday, 23 May 2006 14:11
This past weekend of course encompassed the Roping Association of Ontario Finals on its traditional weekend. Weather was not on our side, and Saturday had the Tiedown and Breakaway Roping indoors, as the outdoor arena dried from the monsoons from earlier in the week. I was a finalist, and caught all 4, however, I was dq'd on one run, and it would take 4 catches to win. A little distraught, but still content, as the guy who won the finals won his first buckle, so that's all good. Sunday had Team Roping, and though it was drizzling, we were outside. The rain was on and off, and the wind was non-stop and cold, and the roping rolled on. I caught 3 for 4 with my Dad, and won the #3 finals...which is the most advanced in our our Numbering System (we go 1, 2, 3). Following the lunch break and the general meeting, we went back to the outdoor pen and the blizzard for the "first jackpot of the year", and the wind had picked up. A lot of heelers missed, as they were throwing "on the turn", right into the felt like riding into a wall as you turned left...ouch. My Heeler Brad and I won it with 2 times across the three goes, won a go, and he got second in the aggregate with his other partner as well. So, it was a good day of team roping! At the "banquet", my heading horse that my sister trained that I ride won Heading Horse of the Year, which was a nice surprise...even considering that I didn't vote this year... So, I got my first buckle of the New it's time to practice for the first Rodeo of the year! Lates, Scullz