Good Ride, Cowboy. (Chris LeDoux)
Thursday, 09 March 2006 14:05

It was one year ago today that the 1976 World Champion Bareback Bronc Rider and Country Music Recording Legend, Chris LeDoux left us at the age of 56 due to liver ailments.

With a World Championship Buckle and over 22 Albums with duets with such big name artists as Garth Brooks and Jon Bon Jovi, LeDoux touched many rodeo-types with his unique genre of music.  Fans would often request for some "LeDoux" as opposed to the "Alt/Cowboy Country".

Lines from his songs were often muttered right before a big ride or run...or after a rough one (my favourite..."We'll all know you as ol' crippled up Jack").

Throw on a LeDoux track today, and before your next big ride or run, "Pull Your Hat Down Tight, and Just LeDoux It!"

Good Ride, Cowboy...