It actually Snows in Canada...
Tuesday, 21 February 2006 13:58

So, there are flash floods...and I'm witnessing flash snow...what a mess.

Twice now in the past hour it has been Sunny, then all of a sudden I notice that it's getting darker, and then BOOM! White-out.

Kind of odd...Wiarton Willy said, "Early Spring"...Puxotony Phil said, "Long Winter". I think they have it backwards...but we are talking about oversized rodents.

Feeling like a tourist, I took some shots off the patio. In the one shot of the Road you can barely make out a Transport Truck...I'm standing maybe 175' from the road.

Now it's Sunny. Great weather for Groundhog Hunting...


Nice picture...might use it in my Festivus cards in 2006.....


I let the dog out in the second storm, and after 10 seconds, he came back covered in snow like the old Abominable Snowman, "I will Love him, and hug him, and call him George...."

Now where did I toss my Remington?