Snow Day
Thursday, 16 February 2006 13:57

So, I've always been an advocate of corporations allowing the same absentee-ism as the educational system.

If the kids in your area have a 2 hour bus should you.  If they're buses are cancelled outright, stay at home.  If the school is totally closed, stay at home under a blanket.

Taking the Risk to commute to work in unsafe conditions should have the driver's asking one question, "is my entire life worth my annual salary?"; or atleast, "if I get in an accident today and my insurance premiums increase by 25-50%, will I have made the difference up by going in today?"

I know that if this was the case, some businesses would shut down, and that isn't a must move on...but technology allows those commuting from great distances to do a lot at home offices.  What I would look at in terms of fairness....those that live close to the business pay considerably less than those that live far from the business in travel expenses; not just gas, but insurance, oil changes, maintenance, wear and tear, etc.  I think the extra that the long-haulers have to invest in their career affords them a snow-day or two.

I've been pretty lucky in the fact that my previous employers have understood this philosophy.  Partly because my position affords the ability to do 95% of the same office routine at home.  I've ditched my truck going to sales meetings (twice in early 2001), and had many scares (ie. sliding uncontrollably into an intersection, etc.)

If I had to "go in" today, I would have taken a "2 Hour Bus Delay" atleast.

I feel sorry for those that had to take the risk.

Now I'm off to audition for a beer commercial.  (why is this funny?  Click here)