With me, practice does not make perfect
Saturday, 11 February 2006 13:55

I hate to practice roping.  It seems that when I do, everything goes out the window thereafter.

At the first winter Jackpot I went to, I had a season best 9.5 second tie-down run.  The last time I had roped calves was about 8 weeks prior.

Jackpot to jackpot, I was picking up cheques.  I maybe practiced once or twice tops (just roping steers, though).

So, last weekend, I roped on my Dad's "colt"...a heading horse that was started in the spring, and is working well, but not at all seasoned.  We ended up winning the Jackpot (the horse's first win)...but he did buck on our first run.  We figured it was due to the fact that I hadn't roped on him in about 6 weeks... so, this week, I went and roped a dozen steers on him.  Didn't miss a one.  Had some quick runs and some smooth runs.  Great session.

So, then to today's roping.  I won the tie-down...only because I was the only guy to catch all 3.  My fastest time was like a 20.  I had to cut a rope on one.  I missed blocks.  I missed ties.  I was a mess.

I won a go in the Team Roping.  But I only caught 2 of 6 steers.  One run I could blame on the steer, the rest...I didn't set the horse right, I was late, I was early, I was a mess.

I'm ready to win...I just have to habituate my practicing, I guess.