XM Radio is Xcellent
Friday, 27 January 2006 13:38

I can't talk enough about my XM Satellite radio.

Every Day I learn something new, hear something new and laugh at something.  If I cried, I probably would too...but Cowboys don't cry.

Some recent XM Moments....

One of my favorite songs by Franz Ferdinand: Take Me Out was on one of the 80 music channels, and all of a sudden, they played a cover version by Sister Scissors.  It was more of an accoustic song, and FF's version is better, but it was pretty cool to hear it.  The Scissor Sisters band members are Gay Icons from the UK, I think.  They dress a little wild... Scissor Sisters Website... without XM, I doubt I would have stumbled across them...though I most likely won't be buying the record....but it was an interesting listen.

Opie and Anthony played a game (took over an hour) where they read the title a country song from the Top 100 Country Songs in America, and guessed it's content.  Such titles were, "Jesus, Take the Wheel", "She Let Herself Go" and "Honky Tonk Be-Donky-Donk".  It was the funniest hour of radio I think I've ever heard!

An Artist Confidential with Garth Brooks where he told the story of every song on his latest CD.

My preset list:

Favourite Channels So Far (and my description): 
202: xL High Volt: home of Opie and Anthony 
20: Top 20 on 20: CHR Countdown 
21: Kiss: Top-40 
22: Mix: Hot A/C 
29: U-pop: Pop music/Chr-ish from across the Globe
9: 90's: hits from the 90's 
12: X Country: Alternative-country 
16: Highway 16: Country-Rock 
11: Nashville: New Country
46: Top Tracks: The Top Tracks of All Time
10: America: Traditional Country
13: Hank's Place: Old, Old Country
41: xL Bone Yard: Metal
44: Fred: AC/Alternative
47: Ethel: Alternative
54: Lucy: Retro Alternative
66: xL Raw: Urban
08: The 80's: Hit Music from the 80's
67: The City: Urban

i've filled 2 rows of presets, and have one more to go....but I spend most of my time scrolling while listening when in the MUSIC mood...it pretty much stays on 202 for about 6 hours/day, though.

I've listened to some old-time Radio Programs too...they're fun, especially Dragnet...though I can't tell the characters apart half the time because they all talk the same.