International Finals Rodeo 40 - Round 3
Sunday, 17 January 2010 09:33
Tight Races in the World Championship Matches, with Canada within Reach of at least coveted title, and more Round-to-Round action at International Finals Rodeo 40 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Under the Saturday Night Lights at State Fair Arena, Round #3 of the Calvalcade commenced.  
Bareback Bronc Riding:
A big round in the Riggin' Riding as the IFR 37 Champion and 2004 Rookie of the Year Josh Cragar won the round with an 81 aboard Socks from the Latting Rodeo Company.  St. Lin, Quebec's Christian Bilodeau was just half a point behind at 80.5 for a three-way tie for second.  Also tie-ing for second is IFR 40 Aggregate leader Tim Wilkinson who has placed 2nd or 1st in each of the three rounds so far.  Going into the final round this afternoon, Wilkinson leads the aggregate by 7.5 points.  At the top of the leaderboard for the World Championship, Joe Courville of Manteno, Illinois is in the lead for what could be his first World Title, however, Shawn Minor of Camden, Ohio is just $2,100 behind him.  Courville will need to do something big in the final round though, as Minor sits 2nd in the Aggregate and Courville is almost out of it.  Also getting a qualified ride in the Round was Pat Legault of Ste. Barbe, Quebec with a 75.5 to sit 5th in the Aggregate.  3-time IFR Champion Roger Lacasse turned out again.
Steer Wrestling:
Reigning World Champion Matt Mousseau of Dashwood, Ontario had a decent run of 4.1 to place 4th in the round and to jump to 2nd in the Aggregate.  Still holding on to the World Championship, he has a lot of pressure on him rolling into the final round of IFR 40.  He is being chased in the World Standings Tooter Silver who is $750 back.  The Arkansas contender has only placed in one round so far, but sits 3rd in the Aggregate.  Also making a run at the top is Donnie Tyner of Huntersville, North Carolina.  Tyner lead the World Standings into IFR 39 last year and Mousseau was able to slide by him in the final round for the IFR and World Championship wins.  Tyner is trying to do the same...he was 3.5 to tie for first in the Round last night.  It won't be easy for him though.  He is short one steer in the aggregate.  Alvinston, Ontario's Rod Weese had a 4.2 to place deep in the round.  Weese is running at the Rookie of the Year buckle, but will need to win some money in the final Round.  He was passed by Athens, Alabama's Bobby Abernathy last night when Abernathy tied with Tyner for the win of the round.  Abernathy leds Weese by just short of $400 for the Buckle.  Other Ontario Cowboys Tim Kemp and Tyler Foster recieved a No-Time.
Saddle Bronc Riding:
Dustin Thompson of Okotoks, Alberta tied for 2nd in the round with a 78.5 on Rawhide Rodeo Company's Renegade.   He now sits 7th in the Aggregate with 150.5 on 2; 4 of the top-15 have gone 3 for 3, so, he will definitely have to ride big in the 4th round for chances at the aggregate.  The sole Rookie in Saddle Bronc Riding to qualify for the IFR, he has won the 2009 IPRA Saddle Bronc Riding Rookie of the Year, and has a chance to win a few more thousand.  Quebec's Luc Cloutier posted a 75 to sit 8th in the Aggregate, and Quebec's Pedro Giguere posted his first score of the IFR at 72.5 to sit 12th in the Aggregate.  Ontario's Tyler Foster bucked Off and Quebec's Benoit Bouchard Turned Out.  Two contenders are fighting for World Champion, Shawn Minor who has won the Saddle Bronc World Championship once and Stacey Belt.  Both are former Rookies of the Year in the Event.  They each have two covered and sit 5th and 6th in the Aggregate.  Belt inched closer with a 4th-place cheque last night, and they sit $1,700 apart with Minor still holding the lead.  Erik Wolford, the 2005 IPRA World All Around Champion and Saddle Bronc Riding World Champion leads the Aggregate with 238.5 on 3, leading over 2nd for the IFR Championship by 7.5 points.
Team Roping:
Both the IFR and World Championships will come down to the final Round.  The top 2 teams in the Aggregate, Joel Maker and Ben Hogan of Oklahoma lead with 18.0 on 3 after winning the 3rd Round, and Leon and Casey Stypes sit second with 17.6 on 3 after placing 2nd in the Round.  If the Stypes are able to hold on to their position in the Aggregate or win the IFR, they will have enough to jump from 2nd to win the World in the Team Roping on the Heading side.  The #1 Header in the World sits 5th in the Aggregate and the #1 Heeler in the World sits 10th. Chances are really good on the heeling side, though the #3 Heeler in the world sits 5th in the Aggregate.  They'll still need to catch, but placing in the Round should solidify the World Championships.  Both Canadian Teams recieved no times in the 3rd round.
Tiedown Roping:
Rockwood, Ontario's Ross Scully roped an 8.7 to place 4th in the Round and to jump to 3rd in the Aggregate.  With a broken barrier in the 2nd round, he's 12.4 seconds back in the Aggregate, but anything can happen in the 4th and final round.  A 7 is what it's going to take to win the last go, though.  There have been two 7 second runs at IFR 40 in the Tiedown Roping, one in the 2nd and one in the 3rd go's.  Marlow, Oklahoma's Jody Green was 7.8 to win the 3rd Go.  At the top of the World Championship Race is Justin Thigpen.  The former IFR Champion leads the aggregate  by 1.7 seconds, and leads the World by $9,000.  He looks almost un-surpassable for his first World Championship.
Cowgirl's Barrel Race:
It's is looking tough for Canadian Cowgirl at the top of the Leader Board for a Barrel Racing World Championship.  Valcartier, Quebec's Sindy Laliberte has won enough to be claimed the 2009 Barrel Racing Rookie of the Year, however, she sits 3rd in the Aggregate and is being trailed by $2,900 in the World Standings.  Mesa Leavitt, the 14 year-old 3x World Champion and 2x World Champion is now leading the Aggregate after winning the 3rd Go.  Unless Laliberte is able to jump ahead of her in the Aggregate, or atleast beat her in the Final Round and place for a payout...Leavitt may slide by her for her 4th World Championship.  They are 0.516 apart in the Aggregate.  Ride Sindy, Ride!!!
Bull Riding:
Ian Charman posted his first score of the IFR.  The Pontypool, Ontario Cowboy was 72.5 points on Big hat Rodeo Company's Disorderly Conduct.  He sits 8th in the Aggregate with 4th right now holding strong with 150.5 on 2.  Luke McCoag who has placed twice at the IFR sits thrid in the aggregate with 153 on 2, but wasn't able to cover his Wooten Rodeo Company Bull last night.  Leading the Aggregate and the only one to cover all three bulls is Jared Long of Ramona, Oklahoma.  He placed thrid last night and has now jumped to the lead for a World Championship.  Should he cover in the 4th Round, he will win both the IFR and the World Championship. 
Team Canada Standings after Round 3:
Bareback Bronc Riding
Roger Lacasse, Mirabel, Quebec  4rd in IPRA, 15th in IFR
Christian Bilodeau, St-Lin, Quebec  8th in IPRA, 10th in IFR
Pat Legault, Ste. Barbe, Quebec  12th in IPRA, 5th in IFR
Steer Wrestling
Matt Mousseau, Dashwood, Ontario  1st in IPRA, 2nd in IFR
Tim Kemp, Kitchener, Ontario  7th in IPRA, 10th in IFR
Rod Weese, Alvinston, Ontario  10th in IPRA, 9th in IFR
Tyler Foster, Watford, Ontario  14th in IPRA, 13th in IFR
Saddle Bronc Riding
Luc Cloutier, Ste. Tite, Quebec  6th in IPRA, 8th in IFR
Benoit Bouchard, Ste. Sophie, Quebec  9th in IPRA, 14th in IFR
Dustin Thompson, Okotoks, Alberta  10th in IPRA, 7th in IFR
Pedro Giguere, Thetford Mines, Quebec  14th in IPRA, 12th in IFR
Tyler Foster, Watford, Ontario  15th in IPRA, 13th in IFR
Team Roping: Heading
Ross Scully, Rockwood, Ontario  12th in IPRA, 11th in IFR
Jeremy McCulligh, Rockwood, Ontario  13th in IPRA, 14th in IFR
Team Roping: Heeling
Stewart Cahill, Strathroy, Ontario,  6th in IPRA, 11th in IFR
Tiedown Roping
Ross Scully, Rockwood, Ontario  6th in IPRA, 3rd in IFR
Cowgirl Barrel Racing
Sindy Laliberte, Valcartier, Quebec  1st in IPRA, 3rd in IFR
Edesse Descoteau, Lorrainville, Quebec  15th in IPRA, 6th in IFR
Bull Riding
Luke McCoag, Port Rowan, Ontario  5th in IPRA, 3rd in IFR
Ian Charman, Pontypool, Ontario  14th in IPRA, 8th in IFR
Official results are posted at:  This was comprised by my review of the results...I'm in Canada in the snow, eh!
IFR 40 Performance Times
Friday, January 15 7:30 p.m. CST
Saturday, January 16 1:30 p.m. CST
Saturday, January 16 7:30 p.m. CST
Sunday, January 17 1:30 p.m. CST 
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