Round Two of IFR 40...the Canadian Perspective
Saturday, 16 January 2010 21:08
Saturday, January 16th is a big day at State Fair Arena as the top-15 in the IPRA World Standings will compete twice in Rounds 2 and 3 of the 4-Round International Finals Rodeo.  
Going into the second Round, Team Canada lead the Steer Wrestling World Title Race, the Cowgirl Barrel Racing World Title Race, and both the Sadddle Bronc Riding and Steer Wrestling Rookie of the Year Races.
The Matinee performance was pretty electric with a few Canadians placing big; but there also were some big moves in the World Title Races across the board.
Bareback Bronc Riding:
A trend has popped up for Canadian Legend in Bareback, Roger Lacasse.  At the last few IFR's, he's Turned-out.  Looks like Injuries have plagued the 3 x IFR Champion Bareback Rider again in 2010.  Quebec, Contender Christian Bilodeau fell victim to a Hampton Rodeo Company bronc named Firecracker, while the easy to spot Ste. Barbe, Quebec cowboy Pat Legaut socred a 75 versus Latting Rodeo Company Bronc, Sunflower.  Legault is known for his bright orange attire, and he is seen about midway up the pack in the aggregate with 151 ponts on 2 to sit 7th.  The Big Freshman on Campus, Bareback Bronc Riding Rookie of the Year contender Tim Wilkinson of Steelville, Missouri won his second round in as many outs after an 82 on Sweet Thing of Latting Rodeo Company.  Also hitting the spotlight in Round #2 were some more Rawhide Rodeo Broncs; Reigning World Champion Bareback Horse Corona Sunrise turfed the #1 Rider in the world Joe Courville, while Big Gun and Two Feathers brough a 4th for 5-time Bareback Bronc Riding World Champion and 4-time All Around Champ of the World Shawn Minor of Camden, Ohio with an 80, and a tie for second-place 80.5 for the '05 World Champion Bareback Bronc Rider and All-Around Champ of the World Erik Wolford, respectively.  Wilkinson leads the aggregate with 163 on 2, just 4 points ahead of Wolford.  Minor's placing has helped bridge the gap to get him closer to the #1 spot in the World in Bareback.  He's a 1st place paycheck and a lil' bit out of #1.
Steer Wrestling:
Watford, Ontario's Tyler Foster got his first steer down in IFR 40 in a fast 4.0-second run.  He tied with Tar-heel State Cowboy Joe Cook for second to each net over $1,300.  After missing his first steer, Foster is deep in the aggregate at 9th.  All the Canadians caught: Rod Weese was 5.5 for 6th in the Round, and Reigning World Champion Matt Mousseau of Dashwood Ontario was 6.7 for 7th.  The World Leader sits tied for 4th in the Aggregate with second seated Tooter Silver, and the pair are just under 300-points apart in the World Title Race.  The Champ of the Round with the fastest time of IFR 40 so far was Dunn, North Carolina's Brian Barefoot.  His win in the go took him from 5th to 3rd in the World Title Race, also within reach of Mousseau at the top at less than 350 points.  He has only one-head in the aggregate, though, which could make it difficult to catch the top two if they're smooth...the aggregate pays more than double what the rounds do, but anything can happen at the midway point of the IFR.
Saddle Bronc Riding:
Carrying the torch for Canada right now in the Bronc Riding is Luc Cloutier of Ste. Tite, Quebec.  He was able to put a 74.5-point ride together versus a horse he's seen a few times before, High Time Gal of Rawhide Rodeo Company.  He jumped to 8th in the Aggregate, and after the 2nd Round.  6 of the top-15 have two covered in the Aggregate.  Albertan Dustin Thompson bucked off, along with Quebecois Pedro Giguere and Ontarian Tyler Foster.  Rounding out Team Canada is Benoit Bouchard of Ste. Sophie, Quebec who Turned out.  The the 2005 All-Around Champion of the World Erik Worlford won his second consecutive round in the Saddle Broncs Riding following a 79 on Whiskey of Universal Rodeos, LLC.  Season Leader Shawn Minor placed 3rd again to inch a little further into the lead of what could be his 2nd Saddle Bronc Riding World Championship.  
Team Roping:
Round two of IFR 40 was rough on the Canadian Connection in Team Roping.  Ontario's Scully and Cahill were sitting 4th in the Aggregate, but following a No-time after two failed heel loops, they retire in the 11th spot in the aggregate.  Rockwood, Ontario's Jeremy McCulligh was able to get his first career IFR Time, though it stopped at 26.8 with his Roland, Oklahoma Partner Dax Stuart.  The big guns in the roping took a second off the fastest time of the IFR.  Though a 5.4 would win the first round, it wouldn't place in the second round as 5.0 was "last hole".  It's a tight World Title Race, and after placing 3rd in the First-round, Cory Kidd of Charlotte, North Carolina was able to jump to #1 in the World going into the Second Round with his partner, #2 Seated Adam Plyler of Pageland, South Carolina.  They won the second go with a 4.3, to hold onto Kidd's #1 spot in the World, and to push Plyler to just over 700 points of the top spot in the Heeling going into the third Round.  The Aggregate is tied with 10.3 on two with the team of Stipes and Stipes who won the first-round, and Clay and Jake Pianalto of Lincoln, Arkansas.
Tiedown Roping:
We called for 7's in the Second go, and a two-time IPRA World Champion and IFR Champion, Ken Bailey of Henryetta, Oklahoma posted a 7.4  2006 IPRA World Champion Trent Creager placed second with an 8.0, and Season Leader Justin Thigpen placed third with an 8.1.  Thigpen holds a comfortable lead in the World Standings, and a decent lead in the aggregate now as well.  He sits with 16.4 on 2, 1.1 seconds ahead of Trent Creager.  Thigpen a former IFR Champion in 2004 now looks poised to win his first World Championship, if he can get through the next two rounds of IFR 40.  More 7's to come... Canadian Ross Scully was 9.6 plus 10, and now sits 6th in the aggregate.
Cowgirl's Barrel Race:
Quebec, Canada Cowgirl Sindy Laliberte had a decent run in the Barrel Racing in the second Round.  Though out of the money, she sits 3rd in the Aggregate, which will hopefully help her hold on to her grasp of the #1 Spot in the IPRA World and Rookie of the Year honours.  But, there are a few gunning for her...1st...Myle Ratchford of Kingston, Arkansas.  The Go-Round 1 Winner won the Second Go-round and almost leads the aggregate by an entire second.  The 14-year-old 3-time World Champion Mesa Levitt placed in the round as well, and sits second in the Aggreate.  She's 5,000 points back and could take the first Canadian World Championship away from Sindy Laliberte; but Laliberte is holding her own, just under two-tenths of a second back of Levitt.  The other Canadian Barrel Racer Edesse Descoteaux ran clean and sits 6th in the IFR after 2.
Bull Riding:
Eastern Canadian Bull Riding Champion Luke McCoag is having a great IFR.  After placing 4th in the 1st Go, he was able to cover again versus a local Sooner State Bull, Down Drft of Wild Horse Rodeo Productions.  And his 81-point ride was strong enough to tie him with neighbouring Michigan's Raymond Postlethwait.  McCoag is second in the Aggregate and only 10-points back off of Jared Long for the IFR Championship. Ramona, Oklahoma's Long has bigger goals set at this point...he's in a tight race behind Shane Rickly for the World Championship.  Long is less than 600-points back, and Rickly is like almost half of the Bull Riders...0 for 2 making him tied for 8th through 15th.
Tight races for World Championships in every event except Tiedown Roping...for now. 
Round 3 of IFR 40 is just starting...stay tuned!
Team Canada Standings after Round 2:
Bareback Bronc Riding
Roger Lacasse, Mirabel, Quebec  4rd in IPRA, 15th in IFR
Christian Bilodeau, St-Lin, Quebec  7th in IPRA, 11th in IFR
Pat Legault, Ste. Barbe, Quebec  12th in IPRA, 6/7 in IFR
Steer Wrestling
Matt Mousseau, Dashwood, Ontario  1st in IPRA, 4/5 in IFR
Tim Kemp, Kitchener, Ontario  7th in IPRA, 3rd in IFR
Rod Weese, Alvinston, Ontario  9th in IPRA, 12th in IFR
Tyler Foster, Watford, Ontario  13th in IPRA, 8/9 in IFR
Saddle Bronc Riding
Luc Cloutier, Ste. Tite, Quebec  5th in IPRA, 8th in IFR
Benoit Bouchard, Ste. Sophie, Quebec  8th in IPRA, 14th in IFR
Dustin Thompson, Okotoks, Alberta  13th in IPRA, 10th in IFR
Pedro Giguere, Thetford Mines, Quebec  14th in IPRA, 13th in IFR
Tyler Foster, Watford, Ontario  15th in IPRA, 12th in IFR
Team Roping: Heading
Ross Scully, Rockwood, Ontario  12th in IPRA, 11th in IFR
Jeremy McCulligh, Rockwood, Ontario  13th in IPRA, 14th in IFR
Team Roping: Heeling
Stewart Cahill, Strathroy, Ontario,  6th in IPRA, 11th in IFR
Tiedown Roping
Ross Scully, Rockwood, Ontario  7th in IPRA, 6th in IFR
Cowgirl Barrel Racing
Sindy Laliberte, Valcartier, Quebec  1st in IPRA, 3rd in IFR
Edesse Descoteau, Lorrainville, Quebec  13th in IPRA, 6th in IFR
Bull Riding
Luke McCoag, Port Rowan, Ontario  4th in IPRA, 2nd in IFR
Ian Charman, Pontypool, Ontario  15th in IPRA, 8/15 in IFR
Official results are posted at: .  This was comprised by my review of the results...I'm in Canada in the snow, eh!
IFR 40 Performance Times
Friday, January 15 7:30 p.m. CST
Saturday, January 16 1:30 p.m. CST
Saturday, January 16 7:30 p.m. CST
Sunday, January 17 1:30 p.m. CST 
(an hour behind us here in Ontario)
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