AM 900 CHML's Talk Show Idol Finals - Time to Vote!
Friday, 30 October 2009 16:00


I made it into the final 6 in AM 900 CHML's Talk Show Idol, and I was stoked to do my final segment in hopes of winning a week-long talk show on AM 900 CHML and a trip to and an All Inclusive trip for 2 to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  The struggle was to come up with a topic that would be topical, local and engaging.  

While reading a church newsletter last weekend at a wedding, I read that the clocks would go be going back on Hallowe'en.  This reminded me of a time when I MC'd in a nightclub when both the Daylight Savings Time and Hallowe'en happened simultaneously and we continued the party for an extra hour.  Since that time, I found out that few actually exercise that practice when the clocks go back, and wanted to delve a little deeper into it.

On a recent trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia, I found that bars there may stay open as long as until 4am.  Could this be a possibility for Hamilton?  This is how I came upon the "topic".

Topical: Daylight Savings Time happens this Saturday and bars in Hess Village will be staying open the Bonus Hour
Local: I interviewed a local nightclub and restaurant owner
Engaging: I made my thesis- extend the hours year-round

My guest was Dean Collett, the owner of Sizzle and Koi Restaurants in Hiss Village, Hamilton.  Inside Sizzle is a nightclub catering to the 25+ crowd called, "Standard Lounge".  Surprisingly, I found out that he was against extending hours.  Collett spoke mostly of how people can only drink "so much", and even if the hours were extended, patron's body clocks wouldn't allow them all to take in all hours.  He also sited how people would push their time of arrival and would also spend time "pre-drinking" at home, which would also adversely affect sales.  

My response, as I was in favour of the concept, were allowing those in the service industry to be able to go out "after work", or those who do shift work, etc.  

We also touched upon Smart Serve and Alcohol and Gaming Laws, and a survey which was done by bar owners in Ontario which admittedly was slightly against the hour extension.  Lastly, Collett talked about staffing issues.

I opened up the phone lines and had a caller who was for the extension, however, admitted to pre-drinking.  I challenged a little about the potential increase drinking and driving problems which were slightly negated.

We rounded out the segment talking about how Hess Village has nightlife for more than just "glitter-covered club-go'ers", and highlighted the Standard Lounge at Sizzle for adults 25+ seeking nighttime entertainment.

Overall, I think it went well.  I would have liked more callers, but, our conversation was pretty interesting and thought provoking.

Now it comes down to the judges, and the Audience Votes!

My fingers are crossed...I really want the talk show...and the Trip to Mexico!

It was a great experience, thanks to AM 900 CHML for allowing me the opportunity.


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