My Birthday Weekend... the Birthday Blog
Monday, 10 September 2007 14:53

It was a definite unorthodox Birthday as I celebrated my 29th...

my Birthday was on the Friday, and I was travelling to the United States for a rodeo, so, I began celebrating with Friends and Family Thursday.

Got a lil' boozy... Coors Light in the Ropin' pen KICKS! haha.

For my Birthday, I gave myself a gift... the gift of sleeping in. I slept until 10, and then watched 3 episodes of Season 3 of the Office (bday gift), then packed, prepped and left for the Rodeo Weekend... 3 hours behind schedule, but what ev's.

My biggest worry was that I was going to be in another Country and alone on my bday, and that was appeased by F-booking and texting for 6.5 of the 7.5 hours. I had about 50 Happy Birthdays on Fbook and 100 on MySpace, with even 4 of 5 networked exes even giving me Kudos for making it another year.

I was all stoked, the birthday was going well... I had my "wish list" almost completely granted...I had found a friend to stay and party with on the end of the drive... and then... another surprise... I got to meet the Chief of the Williamsport, PA Police, BONUS!

49 in a 35...$135.00. Having the Chief of Police spray while he talks...priceless, and gross

I whipped across around a bend at the south end of town, and saw flashing lights all over the place... turns out it was a crackdown on speeding and they were using about 9 cruisers simultaneously.

I was doing 49 in a 35, and he didn't mark it down for me at all... happy bday to me! Though, he spent 5 minutes admiring my computer, and was all excited about it and sprayed while he talked... after the ticket was written... eeeee.

Back enroute, I pulled into Selinsgrove, PA at about 11pm, and we went out on the College town, closed the bar, partied to 4:30am.

Next day was rodeo day, but, a night perf, so I chilled all day, and ventured on my way to Dornsife. I got a lil' lost, but showed up 5 mins late (2 hours and 55 minutes before showtime.)

Clowning the big show was my long time clown buddy, Timmy Johnson, and as always, we tip toed up to "the line", and I picked it up and punted it a few times... I only let 3 "That's What She Said" 's fly, but the fourth one was the best; off mic, in the middle of the pen, in a clown act, as he says, "sounds pretty easy, doesn't it? Should I make it harder???". I almost fell over...

After tear down, my new room mate, Timmy, and a Bullfighter that I met at the IFR went back to the College Town to party. I may or may not have taken off my shirt, whipped it around in the air over my head, and ran around the pool table in celebration of a pool shot...

Sunday was fun as I woke up Hung over for the 3rd day in a row, went for Breakfast with Timmy, and then drove home through a monsoon for 7 hours.

Still jonesin' for a party, I craved "Paralyzers", and as the Liquor stores were closed in Canada when I crossed, I HAD to go to the Duty Free and bought kegs of Vodka and Kahlua... Sunday night was a short booze-up, and that's how I kicked off my "29 Year of Greatness Tour"!