On the Road for 2 weeks... rodeo'n... partway through Blog
Monday, 24 September 2007 14:47

My old saying, "Every Day is an Adventure" did not really ring true as I embarked to go:

Ontario-PA Thurs
Rodeo Fri
PA-ME Saturday
Bull Riding Sunday
...rollerblading, lobster eating, train museum visiting, swimming, hair cut, oil change Mon-Thurs
Rodeo Friday
Rodeo Saturday...and ME-ON.

I arrived in Pennsylvania following the most unadventuresome trip. Night 1 I watched Ty Murray's Bull Riding Challenge, or Yellow Wranglers Don't Rock and drank Duty-Free Beer.

I got to the rodeo waaay too early the next day, set-up and walked the fair in Gratz, PA. It was massive, and took like 20 mins to walk. I rocked the show, and was stoked to go out on the town.

Unfortunately, the bull rider that was going out with us cancelled as he got chuffed bad, and another night of Duty Free Beer ensued.

Sunday morning, I walked the Selinsgrove Street Festival, and enjoyed my encounter with a gazillion blue hairs, and my clothes still have a tinge of Urine stench on them, I think.

Sunday afternoon, I zipped up and met bullfighter JM Smith, and we embarked to Maine.

PA-NJ-NY-CT-NH-MA-ME... translates into: toll, toll, toll...

so, to battle this phenomina, I paid in all Canadian quarters... enjoy that America! haha. I think I actually lost 1/1000th of a dollar as the Canadian Loony is higher than the American Buck right now.

Driving across, I just about wrecked when a guy failed to yeild, I had to brake hard, and clothes bag flew into computer, which flew into cup holder, which smashed. Luckily, they designed it to pop back together.

Bullfighter guy had to keep pulling over to wee...

We drove through a town in PA where their "Color Guard" was enacting a toll to go through town, in effort to raise funds and stop their inevitable doom... "Save Us!"... well, they were all pugly and massive... so, I don't think it was a financial problem they were encountering. However, it's a bit of a catch 22 - if they could Color Guard somewhere, they'd actually walk a bit... but, I digress.

As we pulled into Maine, I had to book a room for a week, but, buddy brought a dog. It took 16 hotels to find one that allowed pets for under $100. But it worked out.

So, once we checked in, we went out for din-dins, and beers.

Now, Cumberland/Yarmouth/Freeport, Maine are touristy towns. In fact, Freeport is a Boutique Town... you could walk into McDonald's in a suit and feel under dressed. At 11pm on a Saturday Night... NOTHING was open. We kept driving on. I had the window down, heard music, and screamed, "STOP!!". It was a bar and restaurant that was open... 25 mins North of the Hotel.

We parked, and began walking through the parking lot as a pair of guys get thrown out of the bar, and come walking towards us. The one guy puffed his chest out, started flexing, and started calling us on... we hadn't even set foot into the bar yet. Bullfighter guy is half my height, and it was prolly pretty comical to see us try to jump behind each other..."you go first," "no you," "no you!"

Fortunately, though the crazy dude passed us and began to circle back, he saw we weren't going to scrap. That would

have been great. "Hey, Rodeo Company, where's your announcer?" "oh, he got arrested and got deported..."

We walk into the place, and they don't serve food. They may during the day, but you're prolly going to get Crabs... not the kind out of the adjacent Ocean, either... It was a scaaaaary hard rock, drunken swing. We chugged 2 beers, and bailed.

Driving back towards the hotel, we stopped to ask where we could get food... "Portland is the only place"... great. 10 mins South of the Hotel.

Down we go to the Entertainment district and got pizza slices and sat in the Truck to Eat them.

Lucky, the bullfighter guy's dog, began showcasing her talent. She would be quiet in the back seat, if a person that looked suspicious in nature walked by, she would bark. She may be a lil' bit of a profiler, but, she is a dog. Then, if any smokin' girls walked by, she'd bark as well. This dog was bang on every time. I asked if I could take her home, but apparently, Lucky doesn't have a passport.

The highlight came when a girl came up to my Window and asked, "Hi, can I pee in the back of your truck?"... Bullfighter guy didn't like my answer, "Guy! the dog will eat her alive"... I explained that she could go in the box of the truck, but, the debate outlasted the girl's bladder... what ev's.

I rolled into the Sunday Show suuuuper early, and parked on the other side of the pen and strolled around to scope out speaker placement. I instantly got cornered by a PRCA Producer who wants me for all of next season. I was like, "shouldn't you watch me do a perf yet?"... and he said, "no, I saw you at the IFR".

Going into the show, I was a little unfocused... thinking about the PRCA prospects, and said, "Cumberlain, Mainedub" twice... but then rocked out hard as it rolled on. I don't think anyone important caught the flub, as I had the hard rock cranked. They had people standing 8 deep around the bleachers... it was jaaaaammmed!

And that's the trip so far. Tomorrow I take Lucky Rollerblading. I just hope we don't pass any Hotties or People of Suspicious nature... I may tumble and get Crabs...